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Metroid: Samus Returns Gameplay Walkthrough
Metroid Samus Returns Walkthrough

Nintendo’s latest outing for the Metroid series is the Nintendo 3DS exclusive remake of the Gameboy’s Metroid 2. Metroid: Samus…

Metroid: Samus Returns SDCC Video Demonstrates Lightning Armor, Melee Counters
Metroid Samus Returns

A new 15 minute video was posted up over on IGN, giving gamers a few more details about the upcoming…

E3 2017: Metroid: Samus Returns, 2.5D Adventure Coming To 3DS In September
Metroid Samus Returns

Nintendo is remaking Metroid 2 from the Gameboy for the Nintendo 3DS. The new remake is entitled Metroid: Samus Returns…

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