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MiKandi Japan And LINDA Take White Secret Crowdfunding To IndieGoGo On May 20th
Linda project white secret kickstarter

MiKandi Japan, Push! Publication, and LINDA’s White Secret crowdfunding campaign to bring LINDA’s translated doujins to the West along with…

MiKandi Japan’s White Secret Kickstarter Suspended After Being Targeted By Mass Reports
Linda Project

The war on fan-service continues. This time MiKandi Japan’s White Secret Kickstarter known as the Linda Project was suspended by…

Dark Alley Elf Sports A Free Uncensored Demo On Mikandi
Dark ALley Elf

Valve may be cracking down on lewd games on Steam, using an inconsistent barometer to measure what does and what…

Imolicious Denied Release On Nutaku, Mikandi Due To Incest Themes

Yume Creations’ Imolicious has been hitting all sorts of roadblocks when it comes to getting released. The visual novel was…

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