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LifeSiteNews Petitions Marvel To Avoid LGBTQ Agenda For Upcoming Movie The Eternals
Eternals Gay

Marvel Film Studios head honcho Kevin Feige had confirmed back in June of 2018 that during the next phase of…

The Head Hunter Trailer Is Basically A Live-Action Horror Version of Goblin Slayer
The Head Hunter

Brayne Studios, Vertical Entertainment, and Detention Films have a new horror flick called The Head Hunter in store for fans…

Avengers: Endgame Second Trailer Portrays The Film As A Grimdark Redemption Tale
Avengers Endgame

Marvel Studios seems to have entrusted the Russo brothers to tell a rather grim redemption tale for the Avengers in…

id Software Distance Themselves From Woke DOOM: Annihilation Movie
DOOM Annihilation SJW

Before DOOM: Annihilation even received its first movie trailer, the film was steeped in controversy surrounding identity politics after comments…

Uncharted Movie Was Made For Amy Hennig Since Neil Druckmann Is A Jerk-Off, Says Joe Carnahan
Neil Druckmann

Director and screenwriter Joe Carnahan spoke recently about his work on the Uncharted movie project before Sony pulled the plug,…

DOOM: Annihilation Movie Trailer Gets Woke With Some Girl Power
Doom Annihilation

DOOM: Woke Edition – oops, I mean DOOM: Annihilation is the upcoming flick based on the game series that we…

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy Trailer Features Max Zhang, Dave Bautista And Tony Jaa Throwing Down
Master Z

The the Ip Man franchise has slowly evolved over the years, seemingly growing into its own expanded universe with the…

Brightburn’s Second Trailer Teases Gore And Horror-Themed Super Villainy
Brightburn (2019)

The Collective and Screen Gems’ Brightburn looks like the kind of super hero deconstruction film that many fans of the…

The Art Of Self Defense Trailer Subtly Basks In Dark Humor And Grim Violence
The Art of Self Defense

There are no jokes in the trailer for The Art of Self Defense. No punchlines. No stupid people tripping over…

Rotten Tomatoes Removes Thousands Of Negative Captain Marvel User Ratings
Captain Marvel

Paul Yanover, the president of Fandango, the parent company over Rotten Tomatoes, told CNET that they weren’t trying to engineer…

Daily Beast Shills For Captain Marvel, Calls Detractors Angry White #GamerGate Incels
Captain Marvel

The media continues to run to the defense of Captain Marvel as if Brie Larson and her fictional alter ego…

Shazam’s Second Trailer Shows Us The Real Captain Marvel… Blunders And All
Shazam! (2019) (Copyright Warner Bros)

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros’ released a new trailer for Shazam!, the upcoming super hero flick due out on April…

Vox, NBC Journalists Blame #GamerGate And YouTube ‘Incels’ For Captain Marvel Backlash
Captain Marvel

Journalists at Left-wing media outlets (which is literally every major entertainment media outlet) have a hard-on for defending Captain Marvel….

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