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Tomb Raider’s Second Trailer Packs On Plenty Of CGI And Bodily Abuse
Tomb Raider Trailer 2

A by-the-books trailer from MGM and Warner Bros., for the upcoming Tomb Raider flick recently dropped. It’s the second major…

Beirut Trailer Renders Anti-American Sentiment From Lebanese Commenters
Beirut Trailer

Back in the 1980s and 1990s there were plenty of taut thrillers featuring well written scripts, interesting plots and great…

Braven Trailer Has Jason Momoa Flexing His Action Hero Chops
Braven Movie

Braven is one part Rambo, one part Die Hard, and one part Cliffhanger. The film seems to want to give…

Hellraiser: Judgment Trailer Makes The Movie Look Cheap
Hellraiser Judgment

The first two Hellraiser films were some of the scariest horror schlock from back in the day. They touched upon…

Neill Blomkamp Will Crowdfund Rakka, Zygote If The Firebase Movie Gets Funded
Zygote - Oats Studios

Great news for those of you following the Oats Studios development regarding the crowdfund for the sci-fi horror flick, Firebase,…

Oats Studios Will Crowdfund Full-Length Firebase Movie In February

The best movies of last year weren’t full, feature-length, SJW-driven schlock from Hollywood, but rather a series of short films…

Kickboxer: Retaliation Trailer Features Mike Tyson, Van Damme And The Mountain
Kickboxer Retaliation

Even though the reboot of Kickboxer was pretty crappy, very cheap and had some awful action sequences, it managed to…

Slender Man Movie Trailer Is A Nonsensical Mess
Slender Man Movie

Sony Pictures rolled out the very first trailer for the Slender Man horror movie, based on the popular urban legend….

You Were Never Really Here Trailer Depicts The Kind Of Film Hitman Should Have Been
You were Never Really Here

Some people like the two Hitman movies that were made. I personally thought they were trash. Since then there have…

Den Of Thieves’ Second Trailer Looks Like A Legit Action Movie
Den of Thieves

Man oh man, us poor fans of action flicks have been relegated to the backwoods of cinema over the years….

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Has Massive $151 Million 2nd Week Box Office Drop-Off
Star Wars The Last Jedi

While Leftist media continue to tout that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a revelation, an “intelligent” film, and a…

Netflix’s Bright Pilloried By SJW Movie Critics For Not Being Woke Enough
Bright Netflix

If you don’t toe the Liberal line expect to be pilloried by the overlords of SJW media. In this case,…

Sicario 2 Trailer Shows What The Punisher Series Should Have Been About
Sicario 2 Soldado - Adios

Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario was a take-no-prisoners, badass, espionage crime thriller. It was a lot unlike many other films that came…

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