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Pokemon Detective Pikachu’s First Movie Trailer Features Some Harrowing Pokemon
Detective PIkachu

Some things are best left in the realm of idealized fiction. And by that, I mean leaving some fantastical designs…

Captive State Second Teaser Trailer Reveals A Nation Subverted By Aliens
Captive State

The first teaser trailer for Captive State was an interesting look at a nation supposedly being held captive by some…

Asher Trailer Sees Ron Perlman As An Aging But Badass Hitman
Asher movie (2018)

Ron Perlman may be a screaming Liberal on social media, but he’s a pretty big badass in the movies. His…

The Wandering Earth Is A Post-Apocalyptic Film About Moving Earth Out Of The Solar System
The Wandering Earth (2019)

The teaser trailer for the Chinese science fiction, post-apocalyptic film, The Wandering Earth, shows that China is really gunning aggressively…

I Am Vengeance, Stu Bennett Action Movie Features Anna Shaffer From Netflix’s The Witcher
I Am Vengeance Movie

Saban Films and LionsGate’s I Am Vengeance is currently available on Steam right now. It stars former WWE star Stu…

The Quake Trailer Sees A Massive Earthquake Ripping Norway In Half
The Quake 2018

Magnet Entertainment’s upcoming film, The Quake is a return to the classic disaster movie genre that seems to have been…

Disney Cancels Star Wars Boba Fett Film
Boba Fett

The rumored spin-off Star Wars film that was supposed to star Boba Fett has been cancelled, or so says a…

Initial D Legend 1: Awakening, Legendary Anime Coming Soon To Steam
Initial D Legend 1

One of the most legendary anime of all time is Initial D, based on the manga. The series became renown…

Cold Pursuit Trailer Has Liam Neeson Taking On The Mafia In Revenge-Thriller
Cold Pursuit 2019

We all thought that Liam Neeson put his badass days behind him after the less than stellar release of Taken…

Bird Box Trailer Is An Apocalyptic Combination Of A Quiet Place Meets The Happening
Bird Box (2018)

The upcoming horror film from director Susanne Bier called Bird Box is due out in select theaters and on streaming…

Reign Of The Supermen Trailer Has A Bunch Of Superman Wannabes Trying To Be Heroes
Reign of the Supermen

DC Entertainment released a new trailer for the upcoming animated film called Reign Of The Supermen, which is due out…

Monster Party Trailer Takes A Little Bit From The Purge And A Little Bit From The Belko Experiment
Monster Party

People trapped in a building/office/home/warehouse/city with a bunch of psychos/addicts/murderers/freaks is an easy go-to formula for horror movies these days….

Maximum Overdrive, Classic Action-Horror Flick Drives Onto Steam
Maximum Overdrive

LionsGate has been releasing some of their properties on Valve’s digital distribution in recent times. It started with a few…

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