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6 Underground Trailer Features Lots Of Michael Bay-Approved Explosions And Almost No Coherent Story
6 Undergroud

I know I oftentimes lament the spoiler-heavy torrent of information, reveals, and plot-twists that occur in trailers for most major…

Birds Of Prey Is A Feminist Film That Will Tackle Mansplaining, Says Ewan McGregor
Birds of Prey (2020) Feminist

If you thought the first official trailer for Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey looked like a hot mess with all…

The Gentlemen Trailer Has Matthew McConaughey Fighting Off Chinese Gangsters
The Gentlemen

Stx Films, Miramix Entertainment, and Tuff Guy Productions released the latest trailer from Guy Ritchie’s latest film called The Gentlemen….

Richard Jewell Movie Trailer Shows How Corrupt Media Can Ruin A Man’s Life
Richard Jewell

It takes balls of steel to stand up to the mainstream media. You can’t win. You can never win. Even…

Joker Director Todd Phillips Stopped Doing Comedies Due To Woke Culture
Joker Woke Culture

Joker director Todd Phillips has been tearing it up lately in the media circuit, calling out Social Justice Warriors and…

Birds Of Prey Trailer Is A Visual Cacophony Of Messy Violence And Nasty Colors
Birds of Prey

I don’t know what’s going on with Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey but the movie looks like a psychedelic kaleidoscope…

War Of The Worlds BBC Trailer Actually Stays Faithful To The Novel
War of the Worlds

I’m shocked I tell you, shocked at the new BBC One trailer for War of the Worlds. Why? Because it’s…

The King’s Man Trailer Has Some Pozz But It Still Looks Badass
The King's Man

Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man is an origin story for the Kingsman: The Secret Service series, which started back in…

Warner Bans Clown Media From Joker Debut
Joker Banned

Warner Brothers has had enough of the media’s deranged accusations, fear mongering and outright lies surrounding their new Joker movie….

Spider-Man Is Back In The MCU: All You Need To Know
Spider-Man MCU

Breaking news has hit the movie scene today as Sony and Marvel have been able to reach a new deal…

Primal Trailer Sees Nicholas Cage Versus Kevin Durand Versus A Killer Jaguar On A Boat

I love movies that pit bad guys versus bad guys. We don’t get those kind of films often enough. Well,…

Joker Director Todd Phillips Calls Out Far Left over controversy
Todd Phillips

Joker director Todd Phillips recently sat down with The Wrap, giving an interview about his views on the faux controversy…

Bob Iger Admits George Lucas Hates Disney’s Star Wars and How They Ignored His Vision
Star Wars

Disney’s Star Wars is not in a good spot, to put it mildly. Toy sales, the indomitable juggernaut of the…

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