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POLAR Trailer Sees Mads Mikkelsen Embracing His Inner Metal Gear-Hitman
POLAR (2019)

Combine some of the odd aesthetic flavorings of Metal Gear Solid with its over-the-top characters with the solemn, villain-vs-villain stylings…

Happy Death Day 2U Trailer Picks Right Back Up Where The Last Film Left Off
Happy Death Day 2U

Universal Pictures released a new trailer for the upcoming horror flick, Happy Death Day 2U, which is due to drop…

How Woke Is Bird Box? Examining Netflix Film’s SJW Elements
Bird Box (2019)

The trailers for the Netflix film Bird Box almost looked promising, but there was an underlying feeling that nagged and…

Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race Trailer Features Spaceships And Nazi Dinosaurs
Iron Sky The Coming Race

SF Studios and 27 Films released the latest trailer for Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race, which sees a rag-tag…

Watch Commando Ninja Right Now On YouTube
Commando Ninja

Ben Combes’ Commando Ninja is currently up and available for viewing over on YouTube. You can watch the hour long…

Men In Black: International Trailer Keeps The Diversity Agenda To A Minimum
Men In Black International 2019

With Hollywood going off the deep end into the Diversity agenda, you can pretty much expect a lot of what…

Commando Ninja, Retro 1980s-Inspired Action Movie Launches On YouTube December 21st, 2018
Commando Ninja

French director Benjamin Combes managed to get Commando Ninja crowdfunded back in 2016 over on Kickstarter for €31,953. The movie…

Hellboy Trailer Met With Lukewarm Fan Response; Race-Swaps Alice Monaghan
Hellboy Movie 2019

Lionsgate and Millennium Pictures finally released the first trailer for the Hellboy reboot, featuring David Harbour from Stranger Things. Harbour…

Episode Backlash, Documentary About LucasFilm Attacking Star Wars Fandom Releases May 2020
Episode Backlash

Marc John, the director for the upcoming documentary, Episode Backlash, released the first of three posters for the upcoming documentary….

Disney’s Live-Action Kim Possible Poverty-Ridden Trailer Gets Downvoted Into Dirt
Kim Possible

Disney makes billions producing kids fare, controlling the Marvel properties, and generally being one of the biggest mega-conglomerates on the…

Sonic Movie Posters Reveal A Frightening, Perverted, Muscular, Sexy-Legged Hedgehog
Sonic Movie Poster

The upcoming Sonic: The Hedgehog movie isn’t due out until next year on November 8th, 2019, but promotional posters are…

Metro 2033 Film Halted After Producers Tried To Turn Russian Story Into American Propaganda
Metro 2033 Film

The production for the live-action adaptation of the Metro 2033 video game based, which is based on the Metro novel…

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Trailer Ditches The Artsy Stuff And Goes For Destruction Porn
Godzilla King of Monsters (2019)

The latest trailer for Warner Bros., and Legendary’s Godzilla: King of Monsters was released. The trailer is out and out…

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