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Black 47, Irish Revenge Film Has One Of The Most Badass Trailers Of 2018
Black 47 Movie

A revenge tale-period drama set during the famine of Ireland. That’s what Black 47 is. The trailer for Premiere Picture’s…

New Terminator’s First Poster Focuses On Girl Power
Terminator (2019)

Hollywood’s craze with feminism is front and center in the new poster for the upcoming reboot-sequel for Terminator. I’m not…

I Think We’re Alone Now Trailer Sees Peter Dinklage In A Post-Apocalyptic World
I Think We're Alone Now

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened up the red band trailer for Reed Morano’s I Think We’re…

Venom Trailer Teases Venom Feeding On Human Body Parts
Venom Trailer

Sony seems to have an actual win on their hands with Venom. The movie isn’t out yet but it’s already…

Hunter Killer Trailer Is Full Of Explosions, Sub Action, And Americans Saving Russia
Hunter Killer (2018)

While the Left-wing media is bent on trying to create tensions between America and Russia with all the fake news…

Charlie’s Angels Reboot Will Aim To Be More Diverse And “Empowered”
Charlies Angels Reboot

Elizabeth Banks is directing and producing a reboot of Charlie’s Angels due for release on September 27th, 2019 next year….

MAGFest Director Doesn’t Want Gamers At MAGFest After They Criticize New DOOM Movie

MAGFest executive director, Nicholas Marinelli, is a self-proclaimed Liberal. Marinelli recently made a public tweet on July 28th, 2018, curtly…

Final Score Trailer Sees Dave Bautista Fighting Off Terrorists During A Soccer Game
Final Score (2018)

Bruce Willis had Die Hard. Steven Seagal had Under Siege. Sylvester Stallone had Cliffhanger. Jean-Claude Van Damme had Sudden Death….

Alita Battle Angel’s Second Trailer Outlines The Plot And Showcases More Action
Alita Battle Angel

James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s Alita Battle Angel received a second trailer for the live-action and CGI action-adventure film. Ads…

Blood Machines Teaser Trailer Arrives For Techno-Horror Flick
Blood Machines

What do you get when you combine the resurgence of hard rock-synthwave with techno-horror and sci-fi action? Well, you get…

Aquaman’s First Trailer Is Disjointed But Visually Ambitious
Aquaman (2018)

When they first announced Jason Momoa as Arthur “Aquaman” Curry it was obvious he was going to turn in a…

Shazam! Comic-Con Trailer Seems Like Something Out Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Shazam Movie

During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, DC and New Line Cinema released the new trailer for the upcoming Shazam! movie….

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Comic-Con Trailer Goes For Oneiric Destruction
Godzilla 2 (2019)

Legendary Pictures released the first full trailer for the upcoming 2019 release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It’s a…

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