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N4G Comes Under Fire For Enabling Agitators To Suppress News Submissions

Gaming news aggregator N4G has been a party ground of corruption for some time. Abuse of power, rule inconsistencies, story…

N4G Administrator’s SJW Bias Gets Exposed And Then It Gets Censored
N4G News for Gamers

N4G has been in the news multiple times in the past for the administrator and moderators exercising biases in censoring…

N4G Bans Video Discussing Naughty Dog’s SJW Agenda
N4G Bans

One of the hot topics of the week has been a video by YouTuber RobinGaming discussing Naughty Dog’s SJW agenda….

N4G Users Worry About SJW Censorship

Some users for the gaming news aggregator N4G have expressed concern over what some might consider to be “tone policing”….

N4G Can Ban Gaming Websites Based On Administrator’s Feelings

Beware: whatever you say in the forest can travel into town. That’s the unspoken warning content creators and website owners…

#GamerGate: N4G Censoring Games Industry Corruption
N4G GamerGate Bans

[Update: N4G’s administrator made an update in a blog post regarding #GamerGate submissions following the publication of this article] Corruption…

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