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NBA 2K19 Unskippable Ads Can Be Turned Off At Times, But It’s Turned On By Default

In no way is this piece defending the recent advertisement practice that 2K and Visual Concepts have implemented in NBA…

NBA 2K19 Now Features Unskippable Ads During Load Times

Reports have surfaced that the controversial PC, PS4, and Xbox One game NBA 2K19 by publisher 2K and developer Visual…

NBA 2K19 Cheats Grant Infinite Salary, Stamina, EXP And Attributes

NBA 2K19 is out now, and a lot of cheats are available for any basketball or sports fan to possess….

NBA 2K19 Senior Producer Rob Jones Talks VC And Microtransactions

The average developer when talking about loot-boxes, microtransactions or some form of a live-service will often say that they add…

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