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Nutaku Gaming Chair Attempts To Add Sass And Sex Appeal To Your Seating Sessions
Nutaku Gaming Chair

Too long now has gaming been fizzled down to the bubble-free pulp of a soft drink experience where “safe spaces”…

Vixen Wars Launches Lewd And Uncensored On Nutaku
Vixen Wars

The new tower defense card game from Nutaku called Vixen Wars has officially launched for mobile devices and through the…

My Naughty Tales Lets You Create Adult Visual Novel Stories And Share Them
My Naughty Tales

Nutaku’s My Naughty Tales has finally launched for the budget price of just $4.99. The 3D virtual sex sim combines…

Villa Party I Launches On Nutaku After Being Banned From Steam
Villa Party I

Universal Game Studio’s Villa Party I is currently available over on the Nutaku store page for $19.99. The game was…

Otogi Frontier, R18+ JRPG Lands On Nutaku And DMM
Otogi Frontier

The developers of Otogi Frontier announced that the chibi-style R18+ JRPG is currently available on both the DMM web portal…

SinVR Arrives Uncensored On Nutaku

SinVR’s eponymous entry into the interactive sex-sim space is currently available over on Nutaku. The VR-enabled simulator is likely a…

Sakura Apprentice Arrives Uncensored On Nutaku
Sakura Apprentice

Nutaku managed to secure the visual novel, Sakura Apprentice, selling the digital game for $4.99 over on the adult storefront….

Merge Nymphs Launches Free And Uncensored On Nutaku
Merge Nympyhs

Nutaku and Fadorable Games announced that Merge Nymphs is currently available as a free-to-play title over on the Nutaku store….

Sacred Sword Sweeties Launches Uncensored On Nutaku
Sacred Sword Sweeties

It’s been a long while since we’ve dropped some news on you about a brand new gaming experience that’s designed…

Project QT Launches Uncensored For Android Devices On Nutaku
Project QT

Nutaku announced that their latest offering is Project QT, a mobile puzzle game from Chinese developers located out of Hong…

Asa Akira Joins Booty Calls On Nutaku
Asa Akira Booty Calls

Now here’s a celebrity guest star you won’t see in any major AAA game due to most studios not having…

BoobRun Deluxe Has Players Outrunning Horny Tentacle Monsters
BoobRun Deluxe

Boomlabs UG released BoobRun Deluxe on the Nutaku store. The game features a busty, bouncing-boobed bimbo attempting to outrun tentacle-attached…

Nutaku Desktop Client App Download Available
Nutaku Desktop Client

Nutaku is pushing boundaries, breaking down walls, gaping holes, and nabbing the cognitive virginity of millions the world around, and…

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