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Vixen Clash, Uncensored Deck-Building Sim Launches On Nutaku
Vixen Clash

Nutaku continues to expand its offerings by adding new and original games to its 18+ digital storefront. The latest game…

Nutaku Sees Major Traffic Decline During Red Dead Redemption 2’s Launch, Especially From Texas
Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games launched Red Dead Redemption 2 last week on October 26th for the Xbox One and the PS4. The…

Hikari! Clover Rescue 18+ Visual Novel Launches On Nutaku
Hikari Clover Rescue

Nutaku recently added another 18+ uncensored game to its line-up. The visual novel Hikari! Clover Rescue is currently available right…

Planes Of Eros H-RPG APK Download Now Available On Nutaku
Planes of Eros

Looking for a hardcore H-game for your Android device? Well, Nutaku has you covered with the recently released Planes of…

Panties Of Rage, Beat-’em-Up Is Now Uncensored And Free-To-Play On Nutaku
Panties of Rage

Nutaku announced that Panties of Rage has officially launched on their adult gaming platform. The 18+ adventure title sports beat-’em-up…

Rumblade, Sexy Samurai 3D RPG Launches On Nutaku

In the mood for some classic turn-based action? Good, I think you might be interested in Rumblade from developer Hirazawa….

Foxynite Combines Action-RPG Mechanics With Uncensored H-Scenes

The ultimate combination of sexy-time and action-time. Gamebau’s Foxynite is like a mix of Scarlet Blade and House Party. You…

Fap CEO Launches For Free And Uncensored On Nutaku

Nutaku announced that the browser-based strategy game, Fap CEO, is currently available for free over on their adult web portal….

Non-Stop Goddess, RPG Samurai Title Launches For Mobile Devices
Non-Stop Goddess

Nutaku announced that the free-to-play, role-playing samurai game, Non-Stop Goddess, is currently available for mobile devices. The game originally had…

Plexstorm Hosts Hentai Gaming Contest Sponsored By Nutaku
Plexstorm Hentai Contest

The mainstream gaming industry may have labeled sexy women and feminine sexuality as haram, but there is still a contingent…

Naughty Kingdom, Uncensored Harem Sim Available On Nutaku For Free
Naughty Kingdom

There’s a brand new uncensored dating sim with role-playing elements and puzzle mini-games to complete that’s free-to-play over on Nutaku…

Ketto Majiku, Uncensored Free-to-Play RPG Playable On Nutaku
Ketto Majiku

Nutaku announced that two new games have joined its ranks, including the uncensored version of Ketto Majiku and the uncensored…

T’N’T: Tits ‘N’ Tanks Uncensored Version Available For Free On Nutaku
TNT Nutaku

The super hot, super sexy, super bombastic, action-oriented action game, T’N’T: Tits ‘n’ Tanks has officially launched on Nutaku for…

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