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Arkansas Educational TV Bans Arthur’s Gay Wedding Episode
Arkansas Bans Arthur Episode

Joining Alabama Public Television in banning the gay wedding episode of PBS’ Arthur is the Arkansas Educational Television network. The…

Arthur’s Gay Marriage Episode Banned From Alabama Public TV For The Sake Of Children
Arthur Banned

“Won’t someone think of the children?” is often a line used for comedic irony regarding censorship, but in this case…

Arthur Gets Woke For Kids, Has Mr. Ratburn Marry His Husband In A Gay Marriage
Arthur Woke

PBS Kids decided to drop a bombshell on unsuspecting viewers. During the 22nd season of Arthur, the episode rolled out…

Charlie Rose Fired From CBS, PBS For Alleged Sexual Misconduct
Charlie Rose Fired

It looks like the tin men of journalism are folding like aluminum-siding salesmen under the weight of their own misdoings….

Charlie Rose Suspended From 60 Minutes, PBS, Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Charlie Rose Suspended

Longtime interviewer and journalist, Charlie Rose, has been suspended from his duties at 60 Minutes on CBS, and from his…

PBS Game/Show Has Officially Ended

The PBS experiment on YouTube called Game/Show, hosted by Jamin Warren, has officially closed up shop. After more than 130…

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