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Sony UK To Speak With Petition Maker About PS4 Censorship Policies
Sony UK Petition

Back in late October of 2018 a development partner for the Japanese and European branch of Marvelous Entertainment who works…

Change.org Petition Against Sony’s PS4 Censorship Mysteriously Loses 3,000 Signatures
SOny PS4 Censorship Petition

[Update 11/19/2018:] Yagyu, the original creator of the petition, received a response from Change.org regarding the irregular activity of losing…

Marvelous Partner Shares Petition To Convince Sony To Renege On Their Anti-Fanservice Policy [Updated]
Senran Kagura Burst Renewal

[Correction 10/25/2018:] The original article stated that a Marvelous employee shared the petition, but it’s actually a community affiliate and…

Gamers Petition Sony To Reverse Ban Decision On Omega Labyrinth Z’s Western Release
Omega Labyrinth Z

Omega Labyrinth Z is currently available on the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan. The game was originally released back…

Petition Seeks Response From British Parliament Regarding Loot Box Gambling
Shadow of War Loot Boxes

The British aren’t standing by idly when it comes to the issue of loot boxes popping up in games like…

Far Cry 5 Petition Creator Angry That People Think He’s Trolling
Far Cry 5 Petition

The maker of a petition to get Far Cry 5 cancelled, going by the handled of Gamers United, is angry…

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