Ubisoft Removes Vaginas From Watch Dogs 2 After Sony Bans Gamer

[Update 11/16/2016:] According to the Escapist Magazine, Swizzasaur had his account unbanned by Sony. No explanation or reason given.


[Original article:] A gamer was playing Watch Dogs 2. He blew up a gas line. The explosion killed a hooker in an alley. The hooker was wearing crotchless panties and landed in front of the gamer. He took out his camera and snapped a photo of her exposed cooch. He posted the photo to Twitter. Sony suspended his PSN account for a week due to posting a picture of an NPC’s vagina to Twitter. He complained about it on NeoGaf and to other gaming media, so Sony extended the ban to a month. Continue reading “Ubisoft Removes Vaginas From Watch Dogs 2 After Sony Bans Gamer”

PSN Now Has 2-Step Verification

Security has been an issue for PlayStation gamers since the great hack of the PlayStation Network back in June of 2011. For normies I’m sure they’ve been told it was the legendary hacker 4chan who perpetrated the crime, but I’m here to tell you, 4chan couldn’t hack its way out of Hotpocket’s box. Continue reading “PSN Now Has 2-Step Verification”

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