Blade Devil Charges Past the $100,000 Milestone

Before it launched there was much skepticism and/or concern whether Raging Golden Eagle’s first project with Toxic Manbaby tentatively titled Blade Devil would be a success. Having been self-funded and with partial help from the charitable contributions of his loyal viewers Blade Devil was set in stone to happen as a huge chunk of the project was already complete. Yet ultimately it is the market that judges whether a product is to be successful or not. Continue reading “Blade Devil Charges Past the $100,000 Milestone”

Raging Golden Eagle’s Blade Devil Launches to Major Success

The world is dying as the primordial darkness encroaches upon the world of man. Spreading its corrupting influence reducing the fortunate to dust and returning the less fortunate to life as horrifically mutated undead known as revenants. Only Ashyara, a renowned swordsman known as the Blade Devil, and a creative cast of characters can save the world from its ultimate destruction. Continue reading “Raging Golden Eagle’s Blade Devil Launches to Major Success”

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