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Tower 57 Now Available On PC And It Doesn’t Have Loot Boxes
Tower 57

11 Bit Studios and Pixwerk announced that their pixel rogue-like, Tower 57, is currently available for purchase on digital distribution…

Ultimate ADOM Coming To PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch In Late 2018
Ultimate Adom

Thomas Biskup made an announcement at the Roguelike Celebration in San Francisco, California, confirming that the team is currently hard…

Slay The Spire Combines CCG Deckbuilding With Rogue-Like Role-Playing
Slay The Spire

A lot of games seem to weasel their way into a linear line along the columns of video game genres….

Nowhere Prophet, Post-Apocalyptic Rogue-Like Card Game Enters First Access
Nowhere Prophet

Independent developer Sharkbomb Studios announced that their nomad-traveling, deck-building, post-apocalyptic, rogue-like card game, Nowhere Prophet, has officially entered into “First…

Dark Devotion, Eldritch-Hunting Rogue-Like Nears Kickstarter Goal
Dark Devotion

Hibernian Workshop’s morose rogue-like RPG, Dark Devotion, is nearing the end of its Kickstarter run. The game has just a…

Darkest Dungeon Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch
Darkest Dungeon Nintendo Switch

Red Hook Studios announced recently through a cheeky little tweet that Darkest Dungeon, the eldritch-inspired, turn-based rogue-like is set to…

Enlightenment, Rogue-like Game Set To Hit Steam On August 4th

Fans of rogue-like games have yet another title to look forward to that will be hitting Steam Early Access very…

City Of Brass, Arabian-Themed First-Person Rogue-Like Heads To Steam This Fall
City of Brass

A new cinematic was released for the upcoming game from former BioShock developers called City of Brass. The title is…

Nex Machina Trailer Contains Retrowave Music And Co-op Bullet-Hell Gameplay
Nex Machina Trailer

Housemarque recently released a new trailer for their game Nex Machina, a cyberpunk rogue-like shooter for PC and PS4. The…

Nongunz, Nihilistic Gothic Roguelike Set To Launch On May 19th

A game from indie Spanish developers Brain Wash Gang called Nongunz is a nihilistic, Gothic, procedurally generated side-scrolling retro-death roguelike….

Forced Showdown Review: Beset With Presentation Problems

[Disclosure: A review code was provided for the contents of this review] Forced Showdown is the next installment of BetaDwarf…

Greenlight Game Ruin Of The Reckless Now Playable On Steam And GOG

Ruin o fthe Reckless, the game that was once on Steam Greenlight by publisher and developer Faux-Operative Games, is now…

Dead Cells Devs Explain How They’re Using Hand-Crafted Tiles With Procedural Generation
Dead Cells

Motion Twin released a new video log for the upcoming side-scrolling action-platformer, Dead Cells, explaining exactly why they decided to…

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