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Session, Realistic Skateboarding Sim Enters Early Access On Steam

The extreme sports genre has basically died out over the years. Oversaturation, lack of innovation, and corporate greed drove the…

Session Trailer Demonstrates Some Tricks And Flips In The Skateboarding Sim

Crea-ture Studios’ crowdfunded skateboarding game, Session, probably won’t fare well on bigger search engines due to its two-syllable name being…

Session, Realistic Skateboarding Game Enters Early Access September 17th
Session - Steam Early Access

Montreal-based Creā-ture Studios announced that Session, the crowdfunded, realistic skateboarding game that seeks to revive the extreme sports genre that…

Session, Realistic Skateboarding Game Could Be Skate’s Successor
Session Kickstarter

Crea-ture Studios recently announced that Session has moved far enough along in development to warrant a Kickstarter campaign in order…

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