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Feminists Rejoice Over Super Seducer Being Censored From PS4
Super Seducer Censorship

Super Seducer is pick-up artistry edutainment, teaching single men the do’s and don’ts of flirting with metropolitan women. It doesn’t…

Super Seducer Cancelled For PS4 Following Complaints From Feminists
Super Seducer PS4 Cenorship

Feminists at Vice’s Motherboard – yes, the same Vice that had male feminists writing for them while sexually abusing women…

Super Seducer Is Now Available And Ready To Trigger Feminists
Super Seducer Triggers SJWs

If you’ve been wanting to brush up on your pick-up artistry, or learn how to score hot babes, perhaps Richard…

Super Seducer Launches March 6th For Soy Boys, Betas, Male Feminists And Incels
Super Seducer

Today’s generation of males are suffering from being betas, male feminists, and soy boys. Too many of these incels have…

Super Seducer, Pick-Up Artist FMV Game Will Teach You How To Pick Up Ladies
Super Seducer

Forget robot waifus and AI sexbots, you’ll be able to get a real woman with the help of famed pick-up…

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