Blasphemous, Gore-Filled Side-Scroller Lands On Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox Sept 10th


The Game Kitchen and Team17’s Blasphemous is one of the sickest, goriest games you’ll play this year and it’s due for release on September 10th. You might be thinking “But Billy, didn’t Mortal Kombat 11 come out this year?” and to that I say “Shhh, I’m talking about a game for people who live outside of safe spaces.” Continue reading “Blasphemous, Gore-Filled Side-Scroller Lands On Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox Sept 10th”

Aven Colony Preview: Console Yourselves

Aven Colony Preview

As the giant sandworm erupted from its cavern just inches away from a recently built geothermal power plant, you’d think I might register a moment of panic for my burgeoning colony, but I don’t. I don’t, because this is the fourth visit from my subterranean friend, and whenever he visits, he just spits a few blobs of acid at nearby buildings before disappearing again. I haven’t bothered to install plasma cannons because I see this more as a gesture of marking his territory than of true aggression. I hope I’m right. Welcome to Aven Colony. Continue reading “Aven Colony Preview: Console Yourselves”

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