TechnoTsunami Hands-On Preview

[Disclosure: Product key received for free]

Recently I had the opportunity to try out TechnoTsunami’s early access debut now that the game is currently on the Steam store. TechnoTsunami is an adventure game by solo dev Neon Castle. Set aboard a retro-futuristic art deco space cruise ship where humans send their consciousness to relax in robot bodies while they go about their lives on Earth. You are a collector, and as with many things in this game what this means will not be explained to you, but essentially you collect things from the future for reasons. Continue reading “TechnoTsunami Hands-On Preview”

TechnoTsunami, Art Deco Retro-Fi Shooter Early Access Set For April 17th


Neon Castle Studio’s Lost Cycle has undergone a name change after initially being announced back in February. I’m not sure why the name changed, but now the game is known as TechnoTsunami. I don’t know if the appellation is better or worse than before, but what I do know is that the Early Access date is set for April 17th on Steam. Continue reading “TechnoTsunami, Art Deco Retro-Fi Shooter Early Access Set For April 17th”

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