Terraria Blood Moon Joke Causes SJWs To Label Game As Misogynistic, Demeaning

Terraria SJWs

There’s a section in a couple of Terraria’s Wiki pages that describes events that happen during a Blood Moon cycle in the game. The Blood Moon causes enemies to get meaner, and the world to become more dangerous, and even has the females get more aggressive and surly in their responses. Well, this entry on the community-ran Wiki pages caused various SJWs to label Terraria as misogynistic and demeaning towards women. Continue reading “Terraria Blood Moon Joke Causes SJWs To Label Game As Misogynistic, Demeaning”

Portal Knights Nintendo Switch Review: Through the Looking Glass

Portal Knights Nintendo Switch Review

When I first reviewed Portal Knights on the PS4 earlier this year, I remember being surprised by how it mixed elements of other games together to create a really cohesive package. I think perhaps the only thing that could have improved the experience would have been the ability to play it on a handheld console when on the move and then pick up where I left off. Now, the Nintendo Switch version of Portal Knights is slated to offer exactly that experience, but is it still as good as it was, or has something been lost in translation? Continue reading “Portal Knights Nintendo Switch Review: Through the Looking Glass”

Portal Knights Review: A Bright Start

Portal Knights Review

[Disclosure: A review copy was provided for the contents of this article]

Despite it having been out for over a year on the PC, I’d never heard of Portal Knights. Within an hour of booting it up, I immediately knew why, and that realisation made me sad. The reason me, you and probably many others have glanced past Portal Knights is because it is so reminiscent of just a ton of other games that you’ll have played elsewhere. Minecraft, Terraria, Dragon Quest Builders, Zelda – they are all here, and that’s cutting the list short if I’m being perfectly honest. Continue reading “Portal Knights Review: A Bright Start”

Terraria Arrives On Wii U Starting June 24th

Re-Logic and 505 Games have finally done it… they’ve finally brought the half-decade old survival, 2D platformer, Terraria to the Wii U. Well, it’s not quite on Nintendo’s home console yet… but it’s coming. Continue reading “Terraria Arrives On Wii U Starting June 24th”