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The Eternals’ Phastos Will Be In A Gay Marriage And Kiss A Gay Muslim
Gay Phastos

Marvel’s The Eternals is converged. The live-action adaption of the less-than-popular comic book series race and gender-swapped majority of the…

Reports Clarify Kevin Feige’s Comments About LGBTQIA+ Character In Upcoming MCU Film
Kevin Feige Correction

Originally reports had gone around based on a Q&A panel at the New York Film Academy that Marvel Studios executive…

The Eternals Will Feature An Openly Gay Character Who Is Married, Says Kevin Feige
The Eternals

While Leftists posing as Centrists continue to run roughshod over the dialogue in social media regarding propaganda overtaking every aspect…

The Eternals Cast Revealed And Majority Of Them Are Race And Gender-Swapped
Eternals - Lauren Ridloff Makkari

During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel and Disney went all-in on the diversity agenda. After announcing that Thor would…

LifeSiteNews Petitions Marvel To Avoid LGBTQ Agenda For Upcoming Movie The Eternals
Eternals Gay

Marvel Film Studios head honcho Kevin Feige had confirmed back in June of 2018 that during the next phase of…

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