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The Key To Home Available For Purchase On Fakku! After Being Repeatedly Banned From Steam
The Key To Home

The non-H visual novel from Katsudou Mangaya, The Key To Home, has officially launched on the Fakku! Storefront for $9.99.

Key To Home Dev Says Valve Employee Keeps Blocking Game’s Release On Steam
Key To Home Banned

The visual novel game The Key To Home keeps getting blocked from being released on Steam. The first time it…

Steam Removes The Key To Home For Sexually Suggestive Content Involving Minors… Again
The Key To Home

[Update 11/11/2018:] According to the developers, one employee at Valve keeps prohibiting the release of The Key To Home despite…

The Key To Home, Loli Visual Novel Is Coming Soon To Steam… Again
The Key to Home

When it comes to loli content a lot of people get put on edge, including Valve. Henteko Doujin and Katsudou…

The Key to Home / いえのかぎ Removed From Steam Because Valve Thinks Pedophiles Are Core Audience
The Key To Home - Steam

The visual novel The Key to Home / いえのかぎ was originally accepted through Steam Direct after the developer, Katsudou Mangaya,…

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