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Uragoner, Turn-Based Roguelite With Hot Waifus Is Launching Soon
Uragoner - Waifus

Kuso-Otoko announced that the lewd, cyberpunk roguelite called Uragoner will be launching soon via Patreon. Those who have backed the…

Jupiter Hell Cheats Feature God Mode, Infinite Ammo
Jupiter Hell Cheats

The turn-based, role-playing, indie-made hardcore shooter from ChaosForge called Jupiter Hell has managed to carve out its place as an…

Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden Cheats Enable God Mode, One-Hit Kills
Mutant Year Zero Cheats

The Bearded Ladies and Funcom’s Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden was one of those low-key sleeper-hits from late 2018….

Star Renegades Combines Tactical-Turn Based Strategy With Gruesome Rogue-Like Encounters
Star Renegades

Massive Damage and Raw Fury released a new trailer for the upcoming turn-based, sci-fi, role-playing game, Star Renegades. The new…

Alder’s Blood, Lovecraftian Western-Stealth Game Heads To Kickstarter
Alder's Blood Kickstarter

A Victorian themed Western set within a Lovecraftian universe that combines stealth gameplay and role-playing elements. That’s how to best…

Battletech Cheats Sport God Mode, Kill All Enemies
Battletech Cheats

One of the most anticipated games that came out in 2018 was Harebrained Schemes Battletech. The crowdfunded title was supposed…

Jupiter Hell Is An Isometric Shooter Where Time Only Moves When You Do
Jupiter Hell

Polish developer ChaosForge announced that their isometric, roguelike shooter, Jupiter Hell, is scheduled to release on August 1st, 2019 over…

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble Cheats Offer God Mode, Infinite Money
Tiny Metal Cheats

Area 35’s Tiny Metal” Full Metal Rumble dropped on Steam back in July. The turn-based strategy game is like a…

Forged Of Blood Features Tactical Turn-Based Combat With Spellcrafting, Classless Customization
Forged of Blood

It’s not often that we get tactical turn-based games themed around Northern European aesthetics and fantasy. Oftentimes the classic tactical…

Skulls Of The Shogun, Tactical Turn-Based Strategy Game Launches For Nintendo Switch
Skulls of the Shogun

612 Games and Golem Entertainment announced that 17-Bit’s Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition has launched for the Nintendo Switch…

Banner Of The Maid English Translation Coming Soon
Banner of the Maid

One of the games that really struck a chord with the PC gaming audience is the Chinese turn-based strategy game…

Banner Of The Maid SRPG Features Hot Waifus…But It’s Not In English
Banner of the Maid

Development studio Azure Flame Studio and Chinese publisher CE-Asia recently launched Banner of the Maid on Steam for PC. The…

Vambrace: Cold Soul Trailer Outlines Crafting, Inns, And Dressing Up Your Hot Waifu
Vambrace Cold Soul Dress Up

Headup Games and Devespresso Games’ Vambrace: Cold Soul is a rare combination Gothic-fantasy with an anime-influenced art-style, Darkest Dungeon-style combat,…

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