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The Rising Of The Shield Hero Dub Delayed, But It’s Not Because Of The SJW Backlash
The Rising of the Shield Hero

Crunchyroll is catching both flak and gaining a lot of positive attention over the new winter anime, The Rising of…

Anime Feminist Got So Verklempt Over The Rising Of The Shield Hero They Refused To Review It Properly
Rising Shield Hero

Apparently major anime review websites in the West seem to be operated by people who hate anime. It’s like how…

SJWs Triggered Over Rising Of The Shield Hero Showing Damage Of Fake Rape Accusations
The Rising of the Shield Hero

[Update: Added more citations of fake rape allegations] A preview for the first episode of Rising Of The Shield Hero…

Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego Trailer Puts Carmen On Pants, Turns Her Into An Anti-Villain
Carmen Sandiego

Netflix released the full trailer for the reboot of Carmen Sandiego, which stars Gina Rodriguez from the CW show Jane…

Doctor Who New Year’s Special Ratings Down 18% With Just 5.15 Million Viewers
Doctor Who Ratings

The numbers are in, and the New Year’s special of Doctor Who, staring Jodie Whittaker, has not fared well at…

The Leader, Chinese Government-Sponsored Anime Depicts Karl Marx As A Hero
The Leader

China’s Project to Study and Development Marxist Theory and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have been helping Bilibili produce…

Kingdom’s Netflix Trailer Reveals South-Korean Period-Piece About Zombie Uprising
Kingdom 2019

Netflix is converged. We all know this. However, sometimes Netflix produces some pretty awesome material, and while we can acknowledge…

Female Doctor Who Season Ends With 35% Ratings Drop And 37% RT User Rating
Doctor Who Ratings Plummet

The overnight numbers for the Doctor Who season finale are in, and it wrapped up with a 35% drop compared…

Netflix’s Saint Seiya Gender-Swaps Andromeda Shun To Push Gender Agenda, According To Producer
Saint Seiya Netflix 2019

Toei Animation and Netflix’s Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac is already off to a horrible start with original fans….

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 10 Rape Scene Censored On All U.S. Streaming Services
Sword Art Online Censorship E

Anime fans discovered firsthand that the U.S., broadcasts of A-1 Pictures’ Sword Art Online: Alicization has been censored. Specifically Episode…

Crunchyroll Catches Heat From Community For Spoiling Zombie Land Saga To Virtue Signal
Zombie Land Saga

Crunchyroll seems to be at odds with its own community in recent times, whether it’s censoring a mobile game for…

Crunchyroll Picks Up Blade Runner Anime; Anti-White Writer Alex de Campi Joins
Blade Runner Anime

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim announced that a new 13-episode animated series called Blade Runner – Black Lotus will be produced…

Media Outlets Celebrate Netflix’s She-Ra For Promoting The “Gay Agenda”
She-Ra Lesbian

They tried to warn you. The message was echoed throughout society like a hammer hitting a gong, or a body-slam…

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