Twitch Suspends Donald Trump’s Channel For “Hateful Conduct”

Twitch Suspends Donald

As part of the June 29th freedom purge, has joined in on the shenanigans that has seen people like Stefan Molyneux banned and The_Donald sub-reddit deplatformed, in order to suspend President Donald Trump’s Twitch channel for “hateful conduct”. Continue reading “Twitch Suspends Donald Trump’s Channel For “Hateful Conduct””

Dr. Disrespect Claims He Doesn’t Know Why He Was Banned As Cheating Allegations Surface

Yesterday via a Tweet, Dr. Disrespect confirmed to his audience that like them, he had no idea why he was banned from Twitch. As Dr. Disrespect is one of Twitch’s top streamers and one of their most marketable personalities, this entire affair of silence regarding his ban is suspicious to say the least. Suspicion has lead to rampant speculation from everything from a sexual misconduct accusation to Twitch being Twitch. Continue reading “Dr. Disrespect Claims He Doesn’t Know Why He Was Banned As Cheating Allegations Surface”

Dr. Disrespect Permanently Banned from Twitch

News has broken that partnered Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect has been permanently banned from the platform. Most information currently circulating on the incident does not originate from either Twitch or Dr. Disrespect, but from independent sources with insider sources of their own. Aside from his ban being confirmed by Twitch, no other detail at this time can be verified. Given this suspension was delivered on a Friday, it is likely for either severe or vindictive reasons on the part of Twitch. Continue reading “Dr. Disrespect Permanently Banned from Twitch”

Twitch Implements New Trust and Safety Council That Immediately Goes Full Racist and Sexist

Silicon Valley is undeniable a cesspool of regressive anti-consumerism sprinkled with a heaping helping of overt racism and sexism. Nothing codifies that image more perfectly than Twitch. The poor man’s Only Fans has consistently grabbed headlines for discrimination, exploitation, poor moderation, and just being woke as humanly possible. Then the company acts surprise when Microsoft, who at this point has mastered the art of “at least I’m not them,” poached a slew of their top talent. Continue reading “Twitch Implements New Trust and Safety Council That Immediately Goes Full Racist and Sexist”

Twitch Censoring Simp Emotes For Being “Harassment”


The censorship we warn everyone about usually goes ignored until it hits the person constantly proclaiming that “there is no agenda!”. Of course, in the case of Big Tech companies like, censorship is just all part of the culture on that platform, so much so that you can’t even use “simp” emotes anymore because the platform has labeled it as “harassment”. Both big and small Twitch streamers are being hit with the censorship and are now complaining about it on social media. Continue reading “Twitch Censoring Simp Emotes For Being “Harassment””

PkmnMasterHolly Heads To Twitch Following YouTube Hack


Three months ago YouTuber PkmnMasterHolly had her channel hacked, which has been a common occurrence for a lot of YouTubers over the past two years. Some get their channels back, others are straight out of luck. While Holly managed to get her channel back, it wasn’t restored with all the glitz and glamor she expected, resulting in her newer videos no longer showing up in the search, her channel being hidden from trending, and subscribers no longer receiving notifications. Recently she announced that she was heading to Continue reading “PkmnMasterHolly Heads To Twitch Following YouTube Hack”

TwitchCon Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


Yet another convention has been hit by the deadly kiss of Corona-chan. While YouTube is working overtime to bury the news and hide any mention of the virus, major events and event holders are desperately trying to adapt to the rapidly changing climate that’s becoming increasingly dangerous. The latest event to fold under is TwitchCon, which announced that the event that was supposed to be held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has been cancelled. Continue reading “TwitchCon Cancelled Due To Coronavirus”

Ninja is Kill, Long Live Ninja!

Apparently Ninja has joined the ranks of the undead legions as Inside Gaming Daily has pronounced his career as having been “killed” by the Mixer deal.  The duration of their presentation has very little to do with Ninja himself and essentially boils down to a hit piece on Mixer utilizing data from August as very little is currently available about the actual performance of Mixer that would allow anyone to gauge whether the platform has failed or is succeeding. Continue reading “Ninja is Kill, Long Live Ninja!”

Twitch Charity Fraud Censored By Major Gaming Sub-Reddits

Twitch Censorship

[Update:] Following the publication of this article, the cross-posts on /r/PCGaming/ and /r/Games were also both removed for being “off topic”.

[Original article:] While Twitch is known for top live-streamers to broadcast some of the latest and greatest games, and oftentimes will use the platform for charity drives, there are sometimes moments where charity fraud takes place, but many of the top gaming sub-reddits don’t want that aspect of the service exposed. Continue reading “Twitch Charity Fraud Censored By Major Gaming Sub-Reddits”

President Donald Trump Joins Twitch

Donald Trump Twitch

President Donald Trump has joined, and there’s going to be a lot of salt flowing from the groups suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Continue reading “President Donald Trump Joins Twitch”

Blizzard Removes Video Clip Of Blitzchung Championing Hong Kong’s Liberation


There’s controversy brewing over Blizzard’s removal of a video clip on the Blizzard Taiwan Twitch channel, where the post-match interview VOD featuring Hong Kong Hearthstone player Ng “blitzchung” Wai Chung was removed because he yelled out “Liberate Hong Kong”. Continue reading “Blizzard Removes Video Clip Of Blitzchung Championing Hong Kong’s Liberation”

Twitch Disabling Chat On Videos Starting November 12th, 2019

Twitch Chat VOD

Content creators and streamers were hit with some startling news recently when it was revealed that starting November 12th, 2019, Twitch will be disabling the comments on VODs, removing the ability for viewers to comment on already saved videos. Continue reading “Twitch Disabling Chat On Videos Starting November 12th, 2019”

Twitch Temp Banned BeesOnMyHeadTV For Getting Shot At And Carjacked During Livestream


Twitch has some odd enforcements for their content creators and livestreamers, especially when said streamers find themselves in real life perilous situations. That’s how things unfolded for streamer BeesOnMyHeadTV, when he was fired upon during a carjacking and Twitch’s response was to ban the streamer. Continue reading “Twitch Temp Banned BeesOnMyHeadTV For Getting Shot At And Carjacked During Livestream”