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Jagex Permanently Bans Player From Runescape For Off-Site Suicide Joke He Made On Twitch

Corporations are continually pushing the limits on becoming the social justice police of users’ behavior even when they do or…

The Game Awards 2018 Live Stream And Discussion

The Game Awards 2018 is nearing and like its past game reveals and announcements will supposedly be front and center….

Nintendo Ends Creators Program, Makes It Easier To Make Money From YouTube Content
Nintendo YouTube

The Nintendo Creators Program was a pain in the butt. Content creators had to register with Nintendo to receive revenue…

Certain Devs Whine That Twitch And YouTube Are Killing Single-Player Games
Wolfenstein 2 Controversy

IGN’s Alanah Pearce talked to some of the gaming clique’s more logorrhea-driven “Progressives” about single-player games and how Let’s Plays…

E3 2017 Press Lineup And Live Stream Schedule

E3 2017 is shaping up to be a big event this year and will premier next week for folks who…

Twitch’s Most Watched Games Of 2016 Proves Gamers Really Despised 2016’s Games
Most Watched Game of 2016

A list of the most viewed games of 2016 seems to prove that gamers really did hate 2016’s offerings. The…

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