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Editorial: Mr. NeoGAF wants hostility within the culture war to end — how can he obtain that?
Tyler Malka

[Disclosure: This is a guest editorial] Tyler Malka (a.k.a. EviLore) is the current owner of NeoGAF, a once critical forum…

NeoGaf Owner Tyler Malka Says Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are Baseless, Ridiculous
GamerGate - Tyler Malka

NeoGaf owner Tyler Malka avoided making a public statement about the sexual misconduct allegations leveled at him over the weekend….

4chan’s /v/ Bans Discussion About NeoGaf Sexual Misconduct Scandal
Tyler Malka GamerGate 4chan

In a move to disperse and suppress the damage being done to NeoGaf’s reputation, 4chan’s moderators running the video game…

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