Draugen Gameplay Walkthrough

Draugen Walkthrough

Red Thread Games released Draugen back in May, as a bit of a spring time adventure game set in the fjords of Norway. For gamers interested in the title looking for a gameplay walkthrough, there’s one available that covers the short walking sim from start to finish. Continue reading “Draugen Gameplay Walkthrough”

Perception Gameplay Walkthrough

Perception Gameplay Walkthrough

Deep End Games’ Perception on Xbox One, PC and PS4 is a horror walking sim centered around a blind investigator named Cassie who travels to the Echo Bluff in Boston, Massachusetts in order to uncover a mystery involving a mansion that haunts her nightmares. For gamers in need of a bit of help with Perception, there’s a walkthrough guide available. Continue reading “Perception Gameplay Walkthrough”

Perception Review: One of the Best Walking Sims Out There

Perception Review

[Disclosure: A review key was provided for the contents of this article]

Across the five or six hours it takes to complete, Deep End Games’ Perception steadily improves from what begins as a strange and unappealing walking simulator, to a stimulating supernatural thriller. There are certainly missteps along the way, but the strong story and thematic variety to make up for it. Continue reading “Perception Review: One of the Best Walking Sims Out There”