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Caliber Dev Apologizes For Calling Games Media Trash; Journalists Call For Dev To Be Fired

Russian developer Albert Zhiltsov, a producer working on the multiplayer shooter game Caliber for 1C Company and Wargaming.net, has come…

Caliber Dev Calls Game Journalists Worthless Parasites Peddling Clickbait

[Update 1/18/2019:] The Caliber developer apologized for his comments while game journalists threatened to boycott reporting on his game until…

Pagan Online Gameplay Trailer Reveals Diablo-Style Hack-And-Slash Gameplay
Pagan Online

Wargaming.net and Madhead Games announced that Pagan Online is set to release on PC starting next year. Pre-launch tests will…

Pagan Online, Pre-Christian Hack-And-Slash RPG Trial Testing Registration Goes Live
PAGAN Online

Mad Head Games and Wargaming.net announced that there’s a brand new hack-and-slash RPG on the horizon called Pagan Online, which…

World Of Warships Goes Anime With High School Fleet Update
World of Warships High School Fleet

The anime High School Fleet is invading Wargaming.net’s World of Warships. The update features all new camouflages, commanders and collections…

World Of Tanks’ Core Engine Upgrades Physics, Graphics In March, 2018
World of Tanks

Wargaming.net announced that they’re switching from the BigWorld tech that is currently powering World of Tanks and moving over to…

Total War: Arena Free Test Week Currently Live Until December 4th
Total War Arena

Wargaming.net announced that Total War: Arena will be having a free test week from November 24th all the way up…

Wargaming Threatens Copyright Strike On World Of Tanks Video, Claims It’s Not Censorship
World of Tanks

YouTuber TheFochYou had one of this videos threatened with a copyright strike over content he did criticizing Wargaming.net’s latest tank….

Steven Seagal Is Now Playable In World Of Warships

One of the last remaining action heroes from a bygone era has made a return to form… in a video…

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