You Ling Lan: Lily Of The Hollow Banned From Steam

Lily of the Hollow Banned

[Update 6/30/2020:] The developer of Lily of the Hollow made a post on Weibo on June 27th, 2020, questioning why Valve had banned the game for a second time. WoodyZer0 linked us a translation of the post, which can be viewed below…

“I regret to tell you that our request to re-list was rejected by steam, and it is likely that there will be no way to appear on steam. Just because the previous publisher collapsed and the game was forced to be taken off the shelf, will the effort we made no longer see the sky? If there is any possibility, I hope you can help us, even if you just provide some suggestions, thank you! Because the previous Weibo posted a picture, I was afraid to be said to violate the steam confidentiality agreement, so I repost it here, sorry (“

[Original article:] Chinese devleoper Hong Zhi Di Youxi Tuandui ran into some troubles lately with their visual novel You Ling Lan – Lily of the Hollow- after it had been on Steam for a year. As a matter of fact, the game has been banned from Valve’s platform, as noted by the Steam Nukige Group. Continue reading “You Ling Lan: Lily Of The Hollow Banned From Steam”

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