Weekly Recap Jan 19th: Gillette Gets Woke, Caliber Dev Calls Out Journalists, DOA 6 Confusion
Weekly Recap

The top news of the week was obviously Gillette’s anti-male propaganda ad filled to the brim with Social Justice Warrior…

Leak Reveals Google Manipulates Search Results To Censor “Offensive Content”
Google Lying

Google sometimes manually intervenes to censor, blacklist, modify, or change search results that contains content that their employees deem “hyperbolic”,…

Nora, Princess And Crying Cat 2 Censored On PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch
Nora Princess and Crying Cat 2

HaruKaze’s Nora, Princess, And Crying Cat 2, also known in katakana as Nora to Oujo to Noraneko 2, is set…

GDC Session Will Tackle How To Encourage Diverse Teachers To Handle ‘Toxic Gamer Culture’
Prison School GDC

The 2019 Game Developers Conference has made a radical shift in pushing for identity politics to pervade the gaming space….

Facebook FTC Fine Could Be $22 Million; Docs Reveal Facebook Refused Refunds For Underage Spending

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly set to hand down a fine on Facebook for the user data leaked during…

Star Control: Origins Returns To Steam Following DMCA Kerfuffle
Star Control Origins

Stardock Entertainment got hit hard when their latest game, Star Control: Origins, got knocked off of digital distribution outlets due…

Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90s Releases On Steam But It Has No Nudity, No Sexual Content
Pantsu Hunter

The Waifu Holocaust 2.0 is back in effect, and a number of smaller visual novels and anime games have been…

Battlefield V Microtransactions Won’t Go Live Until CC And Retroactive Problems Are Resolved

Electronic Arts and DICE took the heat, rightfully so, back in 2017 when they released Star Wars: Battlefront 2 when…

Dead Or Alive 6 Had To Reduce Costume Damage Or It Couldn’t Be Sold In Stores, Says Shimbori
Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 producer and director Yohei Shimbori has stated that they couldn’t sell Dead or Alive Xtreme 3…

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Nude Mod Available For Download… But It’s Nightmare Fuel
Assassin's Creed Odyssey Nude Mod

If you’ve been enjoying the de-sexification of female characters in Western gaming media over the last half decade, then you…

Goblin Slayer Completely Absent From Crunchyroll’s Anime Award Nominations
Goblin Slayer

The Anime Awards are currently underway courtesy of Crunchyroll, where anime viewers get to vote on the selected nominees within…

Katana ZERO Trailer Sports Time-Manipulation, Katanas And Motorcycles
Katana ZERO

Devolver Digital is known for publishing some unique indie titles. One of their upcoming games is the side-scrolling, hack-and-slash, hand-animated…

Star Citizen Video Covers Complexities Of Designing Female Characters, New Grav Mechanics
Star Citizen Grav Lift

Cloud Imperium Games released the latest Around The Verse episode. It starts with a look at some of the emergent…

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