Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist DLC Waklthrough
Marvel's Spider-Man - Quiet as a Cat Sneaky as a Spider

The new DLC for Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man has become available featuring an SJW’d Black Cat. The DLC starts with…

ResetEra Doxes Employee For Not Being An NPC
ResetEra Dox

The video game hate forum, ResetEra, has an ever-expanding thread covering the situation, where the company tweeted out that…

SQLite’s Christian Themed Code Of Conduct Angers SJW NPCs

Social Justice Warriors, NPCs, and far-Left extremists hate Western values; they hate America; they hate freedom; and they especially hate…

Bethesda Claims Bringing “Life” To Fallout 76 Is “Up To You”

Bethesda has written up an essay about nothing in an attempt to convince fence-sitters that they can “shape Fallout 76”… Apologizes To SJW NPCs For #WontBeErased Tweet, Still Gets Boycotted
GOG Apologizes

When a sentient being lacks the ability to reason, or think critically, or can only respond by being offended as…

The Black Masses Gameplay Video Previews 6,000 On-Screen Zombies
The Black Masses

The upcoming cooperative multiplayer game, The Black Masses, is running on some very advanced tech, featuring global illumination, physically based…

Monster Party Trailer Takes A Little Bit From The Purge And A Little Bit From The Belko Experiment
Monster Party

People trapped in a building/office/home/warehouse/city with a bunch of psychos/addicts/murderers/freaks is an easy go-to formula for horror movies these days….

Girls’ Frontline Censors M1919A4 Loli Halloween Art For English Gamers
Girls Frontline Censorship

Sunborn Games’ Girls’ Frontline is a popular mobile game featuring a lot of waifu material. The title features lot of…

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix, Tactical-JRPG Launches In November For Nintendo Switch
Mercenaries Wings

Circle Entertainment announced that RideonJapan’s Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix will launch on the Nintendo eShop starting at some point…

Priest Simulator Will See You Exorcising Demons In A Small Town Come 2019
Priest Simulator

Ultimate Games and Delirma Studio announced that they have a new game in the works due out in 2019 called…

Girl Rugby Dash Focuses On The Only Part Of Rugby That Matters
Girls Rugby

Action Portal’s Girl Rugby Dash is a low-tier, indie-style sports game centered around the high-impact, contact sport of rugby. However,…

Intellivision Amico Set To Launch In 2020 For $179
Intellivision Amico

Intellivision is coming back to the console fold with a new retro console called the Intellivision Amico. It features an…

Users Are Concerned YouTube Is Meddling With Election Search Results

Some readers have contacted One Angry Gamer to report that they’ve seen some odd results when searching up compilation results…

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