Monster Hunter: World Mod Makes YoRHa 2B And Her Beautiful Butt Available For Download
Monster Hunter World 2B Mod

A new mod has dropped for Monster Hunter: World courtesy of modder UberGrainy, who managed to rip, stitch, and mod…

7-Eleven, Other Stores To Stop Selling Hentai In Japan By August, 2019 Due To Foreigners, Olympics
7-Eleven Hentai

By the end of August, 2019, 15,000 out of 20,000 7-Eleven shops in Japan will stop selling hentai magazines and…

Metro Exodus Threads Complaining About Denuvo DRM Get Censored And Locked
Metro Exodus

Ahead of the upcoming release of 4A Games’ Metro: Exodus, the Steam forums seem to be dissolving into unrest and…

Eurogamer Says They Won’t Stop Being Political Activists
Donkey Kong 64

Some of you may have noticed that in recent years Eurogamer has been inclined to push certain political agendas over…

Ace Combat 7 Brand Director Calls Out IGN’s Reviewer For Being A Casual Scrub
Ace Combat 7 IGN

The one thing you can’t expect from game reviewers is skill. They just don’t have it because they don’t care…

Days Gone PAX South Video Touches On Bullet Penetration, Zombie Count And More

Days Gone, the upcoming PS4 exclusive, has been in and out of the news for the past couple of years….

SAO Will Become More Politically Correct Due To Western Reactions, Says Kawahara
Sword Art Online

In a recent interview published on January 18th, 2019 over on Dengeki Online, Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online author…

Ayura Crisis! Was Banned From Steam For ‘Prurient Representation Or Exploitation Of Minors’
Ayura Crisis

DLsite launched Ayura Crisis! back in mid December, 2018 on their own digital distribution platform. The adult-oriented side-scroller featured a…

Breach, Free-to-Play Co-op Action-RPG Adds New Sniper Class
Breach Sniper Class

QC Games added a new character class to the action-RPG, Breach. The new class is a sniper, who manages to…

Controversy Brews Over YouTuber Hbomberguy’s Donkey Kong Charity For Trans Organization

There isn’t a day that goes by without some sort of drama befalling the gaming industry. This time it centers…

We Happy Few, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Saints Row The Third Join Xbox Game Pass
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Microsoft announced that several more games will be made available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers as part of the second…

Conception Plus Censors Touch Communication Mode On PS4
Conception Plus Censorship

Spike Chunsoft’s Conception Plus is gearing up for release on the PlayStation 4 on January 31st, 2019 in Japan. There’s…

Sky Tracers Combines Multiplayer Parkour Racing With Third-Person Shooting Action
Sky Tracers

Japanese developer Coilworks announced that they have a new third-person action-racing game set to release on Steam called Sky Tracers….

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