Call of Cthulhu Review: Frog in Your Throat
Call of Cthulhu Review

[Disclosure: A review copy was provided for the contents of this article] Narrative adventure. Walking simulator. First person adventure game….

Gungrave VR Launches For PlayStation VR On December 11th
Gungrave VR

XSeed Games announced that Gungrave VR will be launching exclusively for the PlayStation VR starting December 11th, 2018 next month….

Lore Finder, Cosmic-Horror Metroidvania Receives Free Demo On Kickstarter
Lore Finder

Eniko announced that Lore Finder, a side-scrolling metroidvania has currently received a free demo that you can check out over…

The Blackout Club, Co-op Horror Game Updated With New Missions, Monsters, And Fixes
The Black Out

Question released The Blackout Club into Early Access back on October 30th, 2018 as part of the Halloween festivities. The…

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide For Waifu Hunters
Nintendo Switch Gift Guide

[Disclosure: This article contains Amazon affiliate links. Read more here] With Black Friday getting everyone up in a tizzy, causing…

Quartz Tries To Persuade Devs To Pursue “Diversity” Despite Studios Getting Woke And Going Broke
Dishonored Death of the Outsider

Politically-driven journalists have been working hard to convince game studios to throw away tried and true methods to court audiences,…

Resident Evil 2 Remake Had At Least 800 People Working On It
Resident Evil 2 Remake

Some information became available regarding the development of Resident Evil 2 Remake, which was revealed to have had at least…

Imolicious Denied Release On Nutaku, Mikandi Due To Incest Themes

Yume Creations’ Imolicious has been hitting all sorts of roadblocks when it comes to getting released. The visual novel was…

Bethesda Releases Big Fallout 76 Patch, Major Bugs Still Exist

Just when you think Fallout 76 can’t be more of a meme than it already is, Bethesda Game Studios manages…

Ace Combat 7 T. Flight Hotas For PS4, PSVR Launches January 17th, 2019
Ace Combat 7

Thrustmaster announced that the specialized flight joystick for Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat 7 called the T. Flight Hotas, will launch…

Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, Outlaws, Other LucasArts Games Now Available On Steam
Indiana Jones Steam

A bunch of classic LucasArts games have been added to Steam’s library in recent times. This includes many of the…

Fade To Black, Contentious Documentary About Voluntary Euthanasia Arrives On Steam
Fade to Black

Valve may be going through a moral crisis when it comes to loli waifus and the holocaust that gamers are…

R-Type Dimensions EX Runs 1080p On Switch, PC, Launches Nov 28th
R-Type Dimensions EX

Tozai Games and Irem announced that R-Type Dimensions EX is coming to the Nintendo Switch and on Steam as a…

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