Why you should watch: Shadows House

From this season of anime, nothing has grabbed my attention quite like Shadows House, and you only need one look at it to see why it is so interesting. It is clear from the start that the setting is quite out of the ordinary, with the members of the Shadows family depicted completely in black excluding their clothes. The main character, Emilico, is a living doll that lives to serve her corresponding member of the Shadows family, Kate.

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The Future’s Market: Wow Classic TBC


Time is running out. The Burning Crusade is looming ever closer and the market is in absolute shambles as people hurry to gather what they need. But for a player with a little extra gold on hand who hopes to play the auction house, just how exactly will you gain the upper hand?

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Six did the right thing by killing the bully in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is one of favorite games. I am a Little Nightmares fan and have been a fan since playing the first game years ago. The Little Nightmares fandom is awesome, and I will always be part of it. However, today I am going to offer a critique of a popular theories in the fandom, a theory that seem to be unfortunately encouraged by the game itself. That theory is the idea that Six is slowly turning evil throughout the game of Little Nightmares 2.

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Riot Games Releases New Valorant Map.

In the hit tactical shooting game and CS:GO clone, Valorant has initiated its new act as of the 27th. Included in this new act is the “amazing” new map called Breeze. While I am for the greedy endeavours of big corporations, this map fucking sucks. This troplical paradise creates a great new place for Valorant fans to get shot at at all new angles. Included in the map are vents that send you from one location to another, which opens up a brand new array of tactics to strategize and cuss out your team over.

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Diablo 4: Hype alone won’t work this time


The Diablo franchise has been through the wringer in recent years. The much-hyped third entry was perfectly okay, early server issues aside, but the stalled mobile game and that now-infamous quote from Wyatt Cheng (“do you guys not have phones?”) revealed a gulf between Blizzard’s plans for Diablo and what fans actually wanted for the storied ARPG.

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This Bed We Made – Life Is Strange inspired game in the works!

Without a doubt, Life Is Strange is one of the most groundbreaking games of the past decade. It has been described as having a David Lynch inspired tone to it, and has a relatable main character trying to save her friend. The ending of Life Is Strange is emotionally powerful, (spoiler warning!) with the player being forced to choose between saving her friend’s life or the lives of thousands of innocent townspeople. (I personally chose to save thousands of innocent people.) Neither ending is canon, or, to be more precise, BOTH endings are canon in different timelines. This is to give the player the ultimate choice. Whatever you choose is canon in your timeline. While it’s true that a comic book series has been released following the events of the timeline where you save your friend, that is just the reality of one of many timelines. (I would like for the same writer or a different one to write a series following the timeline where she saves the town, to be fair to all players.)

A group of especially passionate Life Is Strange fans have come together to create an original game inspired by Life Is Strange. The game will be called This Bed We Made, and will be set in the 1950’s. Players will accompany a hotel maid as she goes into hotel rooms and tries to solve a mystery. Details are scarce, but more will be revealed as the release date approaches. If I had to take a guess, I would guess that sneaking into rooms at night or while guests are away will be a key feature.

I discovered This Bed We Made while browsing through the upcoming video games on Kickstarter – campaigns that have not launched but are preparing to launch. In a short amount of time, This Bed We Made attracted almost 500 watchers. Unfortunately, the developers pulled the campaign from the upcoming projects list due to the project being postponed due to covid. I wish they had kept it up, so that it could continue to accumulate followers so that when it does come out, it has a higher chance of meeting it’s funding goal. Another advantage of keeping your campaign up even if its been postponed is because it gives more chances for game journalists to discover your game and write articles. I seemed to have discovered the campaign on the week that they took it down. If I had been just a little late, I never would have discovered this promising indie, and this article wouldn’t exist. So to the devs, if you’re reading this, please put the campaign back on the Upcoming Projects list. I promise you it will be worth it!

This Bed We Made will release on Xbox, PlayStation, computer, and probably Switch.

Let’s go!

Why you should read Frieren at the Funeral

Frieren at the Funeral is a curious manga. It doesn’t have a distinct and gripping storyline that it follows – but it certainly has a destination. The story is set years after the demise of the Demon King, and as time passes, the heroes that killed him and saved the world die from age. First it was the humans, then the stoutly dwarf, and now all who is left is Frieren, the elf. Of course, aging isn’t much a concern for Frieren – elves live hundreds of years after all, but as the story progresses, she realises that she misses the people she adventured with all those years ago.

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Jeff Kaplan departs from Blizzard

Jeff Kaplan has been a long time employee of Blizzard from 2002, working on notable games such as World of Warcraft, two of its expansions (The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King) and Overwatch. Blizzard announced his departure from the company on April 20, 2021 after nineteen years at the company.

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A Response To Counterpoint

Last week’s article about Extra Credits certainly was a very popular article (according to the algorithm) and it got a lot of people talking. It also received some pushback, including a piece by my colleague Dan (Counterpoint: Extra Credits is WRONG About Orcs.) Here is my response to his piece, and then at the end of the article we will switch subjects to talk a little about Unsung Warriors. I’ll quote his points and try to respond to each major one. To be fair, I don’t disagree with every point Dan made.

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Counterpoint: Extra Credits is WRONG About Orcs

By now, most of us have seen the video “Evil Races are Bad Game Design”, and we’ve seen Extra Credit’s bold and ridiculous claims on how the morality of a fictional race somehow connotates bad game design. I have but one question – how? Throughout the agonising eight-minute slideshow of shoe-horned politics and virtue signalling, a grand total of zero seconds relates to the concept of game design.

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