Twitter Temporarily Banned Journalist Brad Glasgow For Using “Learn To Code” Hashtag During Appeal
Learn 2 Code

You can’t even use the hashtag #LearnToCode when attempting to appeal on behalf of getting someone unbanned. Journalist Brad Glasgow…

SJWs Tried But Failed To Get Privilege Check Removed From Drive Thru RPG Store
Privilege Check

Postmortem Studios’ James “Grim Jim” Desborough recently encountered some activists who attempted to get the game Privilege Check removed from…

Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies Says He’s Not A Big Fan Of Islam And Thinks Wearing A Burqa Is Stupid
Jim Jefferies

Comedian Jim Jefferies took digs at Islam during an interview he had months ago with Jewish content creator Avi Yemini….

My Friend Pedro, Over-The-Top Gun-Fu Shooter Coming To Nintendo Switch In June
My Friend Pedro

One of the most highly anticipated shooter games currently in development by Deadtoast Entertainment and set to be published by…

Writer Meg Jayanth Condemned #GamerGate, Blamed Gamers For New Zealand Shooting During GDC Speech
Meg Rayanth GamerGate

The writer of 80 Days and Sunless Skies, Meg Jayanth, took to the stage at this year’s GDC Independent Games…

Anti-#GamerGate Developer John Kane Apologizes For Sexual Misconduct
John Kane GamerGate

Anti-gaming activist, anti-#GamerGate critic, feminist ally, and Australian game developer, John Kane, has had no qualms about publicly condemning gamers…

After Getting Woke Syfy’s Wyonna Earp Is On The Verge Of Going Broke
Wyonna Earp

Praised by Left-wing critics and Social Justice Warriors as a show about proper representation and diversity, IDW Publishing’s Wyonna Earp…

One Piece: World Seeker Hot Springs Mission Not Coming To America, According to Bandai Namco
One Piece World Seeker

It’s been confirmed by Bandai Namco that the hot springs mission called the “Phantom Remedy” is only exclusive to the…

Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet Now Available On Nintendo Switch eShop With English Support
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet

Koei Tecmo may have completely avoided releasing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet in the West due to raging feminists,…

The Outer Worlds Will Be A One Year Exclusive On The Microsoft Store And Epic Games Store

Like a sea reaching all that is under its wave comes the Epic Games Store poaching and taking upcoming games…

Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer Reveals Kotal Kahn’s Sexy Scantily Clad Body As He Gets Pummeled By Jacqui
Mortal Kombat 11 Kotal Kahn

Mortal Kombat fanboys have been drooling for more Kotal Kahn imagery ever since it was announced that he was going…

Cuphead Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch April 18th With Xbox Live Support
Cuphead Switch

Nintendo and Microsoft announced that Studio MDHR’s Cuphead will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch starting April 18th, 2019 next…

The Sinking City, Control, And Quantic Dream’s Games Will Be Epic Games Store Timed Exclusives

During this year’s GDC Epic Games announced a slew of games coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store for an…

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