I Am Bread Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

I Am Bread

After going through the Steam Early Access process and gaining plenty of visibility thanks to YouTubers and Let’s Play videos, the quirky sandbox game I Am Bread from Bossa Studios has recently graduated Early Access and launched as a full title. It’s hailed as a fairly hard game and some gamers are already having trouble figuring out how to get through the story mode. Well, the good part is that there are some gameplay walkthroughs available.

Ironically enough a YouTuber named iAmCrunchy opted to play through I Am Bread. Crunchy bread… nice. He recently posted the latest level in the game to help gamers figure out how to toast both sides of the bread. It covers each day of the week and a few of the ways you should and should not exploit to get the bread nice and toasted.

He definitely has a penchant for mouthing off in ways that would probably make the SJW hordes triggered beyond belief.

Even still, his methods for success might be questionable in some scenarios, while quite effective in others. For instance on the first level he uses the floor to get around instead of the walls. One way of making the leap from counters or tables to other objects, is to get to the edge the surface, stick to ends of the bread to the surface and then pull back the two free ends. A bit like a spring trap, fling the two free ends forward to propel the bread from one surface to the next without having to rely on scooting across the dirty floor.

IamCrunchy does a fine job of getting the bread nice and toasted on the final run, though. From the garden trash bin to the grill is a focused effort of moving across the objects and jumping over to the grill with a bit of skill.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles in the game is dealing with the game’s wonky camera. It’s a blessing in some cases and a curse in others. There’s no real fix for the camera, sadly. Even still, one way of knowing how to get through the game is knowing where you need to get the bread to in over to get it toasted.

I Am Bread

For the first level, with the bread being in the kitchen, you’ll need to get the bread toaster on the corner on the opposite side of the room.

When you get to the lounge, you’ll need to get the bread onto the room’s old-school heater. As showcased in the video, one of the best ways to get there is to slingshot onto the wall on the left side and then climb across to the heater.

In the bedroom, you’ll need to get the bread onto the ironing board so it can be toasted by the iron. Make sure both sides are crispy and crunchy.

The bathroom is both tricky and easy. If you fling the bread onto the portable heater and tip it up against the wall you can lay the bread on top so it can slow cook like a piece of meat on a Venezuela beach.

In the garage you’ll need to get the bread to the furnace over in the corner. You can slide it off the shelf and onto the furnace for a nice, radiated look.

Finally, for the garden, you’ll need to get the bread from the trash dumpster to the grill. There’s no time to mince words: you will need legitimate skill. You’ll have to use the plant to take the skateboard to the car and then get on top to fling yourself toward the grill.

I Am Bread is available right now for PC. You can pick up a copy of the game from Steam or learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

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