The Perils Of Man Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

The Perils of Man

IF Games’ The Perils of Man is a true throwback to the classic old point-and-click adventure genre. The game sports a 3D tale that follows Ana Eberling on a quest to find out what exactly happened to her father. If some of the puzzles or challenges are rubbing your thought rotator the wrong way around, don’t sweat it; there is a nice, handy walkthrough available that helps players with each puzzle from start to finish.

YouTuber Nokzen N. is continuing to build up a loyal following by providing helpful and useful walkthrough series of both popular and not-so-popular games. The release of Perils of Man may not have been applauded in the media circles the way some other titles are, but that doesn’t make it any less engaging. You can check out the complete walkthrough of The Perils of Man below. The game only clocks in at a few hours so a large portion of the game time for some players is likely to be spent desperately trying to figure out certain puzzles.

Things start off a little slow, but they pick up once Ana leaves her room and encounters the diorama. You’ll need a battery and the lampshade that you picked up from the study to get the diorama running; it’ll play the clip of Ana’s father explaining how to progress from there onward.

For the segment involving the Fibnocci book and the time puzzle, as Ana’s father mentioned in the holographic message, you’ll need to start on the zero hour. So start at ‘0’ and then the rest of the sequence is ‘1’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘5’, ‘8’, ’13’. It should open up the secret passageway in the library that leads to the cellar.

Many of the puzzles are quite manageable. I found that the game actually has a lot more interactive gameplay and exploration than Broken Age Act 2, which was mostly composed of a whole lot of talking but not a whole lot of gameplay. By comparison, if you want something more object-oriented and atmospheric – where the environments and story include a lot more player participation – The Perils of Man is leaps and bounds ahead of Broken Age.

Again, the game is quite short and only clocks in at barely two hours. If you feel that it’s worth it you can pick up a copy of The Perils of Man from Steam for only $9.99. You can also learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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