Lego Jurassic World Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

There is a gameplay walkthrough available for Traveller’s Tales Lego Jurassic World. The game is actually a compilation of all four of the Jurassic Park movies combined into one game.

The walkthrough is a lot shorter than you might be expecting. It’s basically a handful of segments for each of the movies in the Jurassic Park franchise. YouTuber Bluez has the series of videos available, covering Lego Jurassic World from start to finish.

It should be noted that the final five videos in the playlist are Jurassic World, so if you haven’t seen the movie already and you don’t want the experience spoiled for you, you may want to skip those final five videos. If you have already seen Jurassic World and you’re still keen on seeing tips, hints and the walkthrough guide for that segment of Lego Jurassic World, you can check out the full thing from start to finish below.

Having the music soundtrack to match the movies was a smart move on the part of Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. It helps give the game a feeling of legitimacy.

The security panels in the game are highlighted by quick-time button presses. Most of the puzzles are quite straightforward and the game usually has hints and tips scattered throughout if you’re on the verge of getting stuck.

Lego Jurassic World

If you find yourself getting jammed or stuck in an area, likely you’ll have to break or remove objects and find an access hatch for smaller characters. The access hatches will usually gain you access to where you need to go or what you need to interact with to progress the game. When in doubt, always look for an access hatch.

Lego Jurassic World is available for the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC platforms. And unlike Batman: Arkham Knight, the game actually works on PC. You can learn more about the game by hitting up the official website.


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