Anna’s Quest Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Daedalic Entertainment’s Anna’s Quest is the newest point-and-click game from the German developers. It’s been talked about frequently enough in the point-and-click communities and it’s already received some praise for its PBS-quality art-style and challenging yet not-too-difficult puzzles. For those who have run into trouble getting through some of the game’s puzzles and critical thinking obstructions, there is a complete gameplay walkthrough available that offers hints, tips and a guided playthrough to help players out.

The plot is quite straightforward, Anna is captured by a wicked witch while she’s venturing out and about in the deep, dark forest in her attempts to find a healing remedy for heir ailing grandfather. Anna develops her telekinetic powers while in captivity and uses those powers to help her friends escape from the clutches of the witch.

Early on in the game the devs pay a sweet homage to The Matrix when Anna is required to bend a spoon. The completely gameplay walkthrough comes courtesy of YouTuber Gettys Tube. You can check it out below.

There are 13 videos in the playlist, with each video representing a chapter in the game.

Many of the puzzles aren’t too difficult to overcome, and the game offers a lot of leeway in experimentation and object manipulation. The inventory is setup where players can easily combine items or interact with items within the game world.

Many of the puzzles are designed to be easy enough for younger audiences to solve them, so it’s not like running into the kind of troubles you might find in games like The Book of Unwritten Tales. The game is made on a similar style to The Perils of Man, where players looking for something moderate and different will be able to jump in without running into too many mental roadblocks.

The dialogue in the game is quite hefty, so usually if you have trouble with any segment they literally walk you through it with the in-game dialogue. However, for certain chapters that prove to be lengthy, Gettys quickly and competently shows players how to get through each segment with ease.

If you don’t already own Anna’s Quest and you’d like to learn more about it, you can do so by paying a visit to the official website or by checking out the Steam store page.


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