King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

The Odd Gentlemen and Sierra Interactive recently released King’s Quest: Chapter 1 – A Knight To Remember. The game isn’t that long but there are a few puzzles that might get a few gamers stuck. There are some hints and tips in the walkthrough guides available to help gamers get through some of the more difficult segments.

The beginning of the game is mostly exploring and following the basic pathways. The puzzles early on are pretty simple to solve, such as using the stale bread as a replacement for the wheel on the broken cart.

You can see the complete gameplay walkthrough below, courtesy of YouTuber Skycaptin5lol.

Many of the quests from here forward are quite easy up until you get to the part with the dragon in the cave – as Graham attempts to retrieve his eye. Majority of the time before this moment the puzzles are pretty easy and most of your time will be spent talking to the other knights and the locals of Daventry.

King's Quest: A Knight to Remember

Is that… Rashida Jones?

Anyway, for the shield puzzle segment in the cave where you have to retrieve the dragon’s eye… You need to place the shield on the rack, have the guard shoot the arrow and it will ricochet and connect to the axe on the stand. Scale across. Move the axe stand over to the side and put the other shield on the rack.

Have the guard shoot the arrow and it will ricochet off the two shields and connect to the other axe stand. Shimmy across and then move the axe stand over to your right. Shimmy back across and remove the shield from the stand. Have the guard shoot the arrow and it’ll connect to the larger shield. Shimmy across to the middle isle and have the guard shoot an arrow to connect the rope to the dragon’s tail. Shimmy back across, and ring the bell to wake the dragon. You can see how it plays out with the video below from AginoEvolutionHD.

For the tasks to deal with the bridge troll, you need to complete some side-quests first. You’ll need to get the meat as well, which is in the area with the trap hanging from a purple rope. Just yank the rope to get the meat – use the meat on the shaking bush to grab the angry badger (you’ll need the badger for later). You’ll also need the star berries, which you can get by hitting a tree near the picnic area that drops the bees onto the table. Grab the berries that fall beside the table. Bring the berries to the baker to get the pie and give the pie to the bridge troll.

You’ll need the badger you captured to chase the squirrels away from the pumpkin patch so you can get the pumpkin. Take the pumpkin to the magic couple, which seems like they come right out of The Princess Bride.

For the segment involving the bridge troll meeting… you’ll need to agree with Waddle so you can get Waddle’s horn.

To get Triumph out of the trap, simply place the work order on the tree and Triumph will be freed so you can use him for the duel of speed.

King’s Quest: Chapter 1 – A Knight to Remember is available right now for home consoles and PC. You can learn more about the game by hitting up the official website. You can also check out a guide to King’s Quest Chapter 3 right here.


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