Homefront: The Revolution Multiplayer Beta, Weapon Customization Detailed

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver have announced that the multiplayer beta for Homefront: The Revolution will get underway this winter for the Xbox One. Additionally, if you didn’t already know, Homefront: The Revolution will have vehicular use throughout its open-world structure. Gamers were treated to the first gameplay footage of the title featuring the vehicles and weapons, along with news about the beta.

According to BagoGames the multiplayer beta will get underway for Homefront: The Revolution this winter for the Xbox One. It comes first to the Xbox and presumably will be available for the other platforms before it officially launches in early 2016.

You can check out the newest gameplay trailer for Homefront, which features a motorcycle, a radio-controlled bomb and some rebels being rebellious. Check it out below.


It’s hard to get a gauge on the game from that tiny snippet but the gameplay will allow players to customize their weapons during missions. As you can see in the video above, it’s possible to pull up a menu and swap out scopes, magazines or even barrel accessories.

As showcased in the demo video the player can pull up the weapon customization during the gameplay and alter the barrel, the under-barrel, the scope and the conversion. The last option allows you to change the fire-rate on the weapon during combat.

You can see how the weapon stats show up to give you an idea of how the weapon stacks up based on stats such as accuracy, rate of fire, range and damage.

Homefront: The Revolution

I don’t know how I feel about being able to practically change your weapon into a Rambo-quality killing machine on the fly during a mission as opposed to modifying it at a workbench; but at the same time I could see this being useful for missions where you go from being stealthy to all-out Braddock.

There wasn’t enough meat in that demo video to really determine how good this game might be but I’m sure we’ll find out once the beta gets underway this winter. Need more info? Check out the official website.


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