PS4 Will Be Getting Phantasy Star Online 2 Next Year In Japan

Playstation 4 fans will be glad to hear that Sega announced the arrival of Phantasy Star Online 2, which will release over in Japan next year. Although many would like the game to come over to other countries, this arrival for the PS4 will mark a new episode for the futuristic RPG.

Some folks might know by now that I’m a big fan of Phantasy Star and the new series, playing some of the older games that were for the SNES and for the newer consoles pumped me up for another edition that would soon arrive, and upon seeing Phantasy Star Online 2 debut really excited me since the newest online game continues the series where the older titles left off.

Although western fans may not be able to play the game officially, PS4 and PS Vita fans over in Japan will get the online RPG game next year, which was reported during a live stream of Sega’s ARCS Festival 2015 event, courtesy of Dengeki.

In addition, the broadcast announced new content that would be coming alongside the newest chapter titled “Reborn: Episode 4,” which will debut across PC, PS4 and PS Vita all at the same time, however the initial release date for the new fourth episode hasn’t been announced yet leaving many to think it will debut sometime in 2016.

Phantasy Star Online 2 for PS4 will be publicly playable during this year’s Tokyo Game Show convention, which will run on September 19th through the 20th. Although Phantasy Star Online hasn’t been officially released in western territories, Gamespot did note that Sega reassured fans that a western release will come, though no time windows was provided.

However, during Sega’s ARCS Festival event they did bring fans of Phantasy Star Online 2 an actual anime to go along with the MMO, you can check out the new trailer courtesy of Games Talk.

PSO 2 was released first in Japan in 2012, and seen a following release in South Asia in early 2014, and during 2012 through 2013 was supposed to be the western release but got delayed. However, there is an English-patch for folks that want to play the game, but as of now, PS4 fans can rejoice when 2016 comes around because they’ll be able to play the game on the console.

If you want more info on Phantasy Star Online 2 you can visit the main site, or you can hit up Sega’s blog for any new scoop.


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