Destiny: The Taken King Subclass Unlock Walkthrough Guide
Destiny The Taken King

Looking to unlock the Stormcaller, Nightstalker and Sunbreaker subclasses in Destiny: The Taken King? Well, there’s a handy walkthrough guide available for unlocking each of the subclasses for the character classes in Destiny.

YouTuber TheRadBrad has a short video set available showcasing how to achieve the Stormcaller, Nightstalker and Sunbreaker subclasses for the Warlock, Hunter and Titan classes.

The first video is the main mission in The Taken King focusing on Oryx, you can check it out below. It’s only 22 minutes.

Now if you’re only focused on achieving the necessary level and goods for becoming a specific subclass look no further than his other videos, featuring a detailed playthrough of the missions to unlock the those subclasses.

For the Nightstalker subclass mission, you have to help a legendary Nightstalker named Tevis by finding his Ghost. You first have to destroy the enemy Vex in a series of waves. After completing the waves you’ll move to the next mission area. Kill a few enemies and then you’ll encounter Tevis’ body with the lightning special bow. Once you get the bow you have to take out a few more waves of Vex in order to complete the mission and obtain the Nightstalker bow. Check it out below.

Up next is the Sunbreaker subclass for the Titan. This class gets a special hammer they can throw around like Thor.

In the mission screen you’ll need to head to Venus and select “A March of Fire”, which is a level 25 quest under the Taken King banner to unlock the Sunbreaker subclass.

Destiny Taken King Sunbreaker

The mission is pretty straightforward, you just have to find the Sunbreakers. Move through the level and kill everything in sight until you get to the end of the level where you’ll find a mini sub-boss. In the second part of the mission you’ll need to use the Ghost to start the trials where you’ll use the Forge to get the poor man’s Mjolnir. From there you just have to take out the baddies in a series of waves to finish the mission.

The last and final subclass to unlock is the Stormcaller for the Warlock class. The Stormcaller subclass starts with the mission on Mars called “A Spark In Shadow”. It’s a level 25 quest under the Taken King banner.

The Stormcaller quest is the only one that seems to be more quest oriented than the other two. You actually have to venture into the tunnels and enter the junction. You basically have to kill everything along the way. Before you get to the Tharsis junction you’ll have to destroy the three conductive disciples.

After you beat a sub-boss within the junction you’ll head to the next section.

The next part of the mission takes place on a rooftop where lightning is striking down. You have to get the lightning pools scattered around the map where you have to perform three “Meditations”. After getting each one to 100% you’ll unlock the new subclass ability for the Stormcaller.

Once you get to the edge of the walkway you’ll unlock the abilities after getting struck by a bolt of lightning… Highlander style.

Once you burn through the remaining Vex you’ll complete the mission and become a true Stormcaller.


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