GTA 5 Mod Increases Performance To Hit 60fps On PC

A new mod called FPS++ aims to increase the performance of GTA V, helping those who run the game at around 40fps to play the game at 60fps or above. It’s more like a “convenience” mod for those who don’t know how to optimize their system to the best of its abilities.

Over on GTA5-Mods, author OscarStreet posted a very basic mod for people who don’t know how to kill processes in the background or set GTA V as a priority for the system.

User Starkweather rolled out the details in a comment, stating…

“It kills a bunch of non essential programs/services, changes your PC’s power settings to max performance mode and increases GTA’s priority in the task manager. None of this will get you banned.”

There’s actually a Pastebin explaining all the background processes that the mod kills off to free up system resources. It basically disables more than 20 different non-essential background system programs.

It’s not performing any sort of optimized voodoo or system performance wizardry. It’s just common system care. There’s a video from OscarStreet explaining how the mod works and you can check it out below.

Don’t read the comments in that video if you don’t want to get cancer.

…I warned you.

Anyway, the mod works by starting up GTA V first, and then after the game is fully loaded you start up the FPS++ for the game. It will set GTA V as the top priority for the system and kill off all other non-essentials. It could also be considered as a lazy man’s optimizer.

The reason the mod doesn’t work for everyone is because some people already have clean and pristine systems and there’s nothing else left to optimize as far as closing out non-essential programs or freeing up memory. A few other people did mention in the comment section that they did see significant improvements, going from 30fps or 40fps all the way up to 60fps.

The mod is available right now if you wanted or needed someway to conveniently improve the performance of GTA V while maintaining the current graphics settings for the game. You can download the FPS++ mod from over on GTA5-Mods. Download at your own risk.

[Update 12/10/2015: There’s a new mod available called FPS Booster that also helps increase performance.]

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