How To Fish In Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online Fishing Guide

One of the many different activities and mini-games available in Black Desert Online is the ability to fish. Yes, you can go fishing and capture some fish and other rare items in Pearl Abyss’ MMORPG. This Black Desert Online fishing guide will roll out the basics on what you need to do and how you need to do it in order to make the most out of the mini-game in the graphically impressive MMO.

Black Desert Online is currently undergoing closed beta testing in the West for English-speaking gamers, but it’s still possible to learn a thing or two about the title as it heads toward open beta. YouTuber Pvt Wiggles has an impressive three and a half minute guide teaching newcomers how to fish, what to look for and how to complete the mini-game successfully. Check out the video below.

It costs about 500 silver for a very basic fishing rod. Once you get the rod you’ll need to go into your inventory and equip the fishing rod.

Once you do so you’ll need to head to a river or watery area where fishing is permitted. Simply press the space bar near the water to cast the rod and initiate the fishing mini-game.

Use the space bar to play the mini-game, where you need to get the bar at just the right spot in order to capture the fish or item. There’s a small quick-time event where you need to press the corresponding keys to complete the QTE. The better you do at fishing the rarer item you retrieve.

There is also an auto-fishing mechanic but it’s likely to take longer to catch an item. Additionally, there’s also seaweed and junk that can fill up your inventory so be sure to toss aside useless stuff.

If you have connected the nodes on the map to each town then you can travel to other towns and sell the fish at higher prices as opposed to selling them in the local town where you caught the fish. The benefit of selling fish and other items in other towns is that you’ll get a lower price at the local vendor even though it’s faster than manually traveling to a new town where a foreign vendor will pay more for the items.

You can catch or capture rarer items in a much easier fashion using higher grade fishing rods. You can craft new fishing rods that increase the chance of capturing rare fish by using the crafting toolkit if you have the necessary supplies.

Hopefully now you have an idea of what to do when it comes to fishing in Black Desert Online. Another bit of advice from Pvt Wiggles is that you should steer clear from crowded fishing areas as you’re less likely to get rare items if a bunch of other players are hogging up the area.

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