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Trapped on a derelict medical spaceship named the Groomlake orbiting over the planet Neptune, players assume the role of a space traveler who wakes up out of stasis and finds out that everyone has gone missing. The point-and-click adventure title has garnered rave reviews on Steam and, and gamers in need of a little help with the point-and-click horror title can find some useful walkthrough guides to help them along the way.

There’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available from YouTuber Nokzen N., spanning the likes of 11 videos. You can see the game from start to finish with the walkthrough offering help and insight into how to complete each puzzle in the game. You can check out the playlist below.

For the first puzzle, to open the medical doors for the diagnostics system simply activate the two buttons on the far left and far right side of the panel. Pressing both these buttons will open the medical diagnostics system.

For the puzzle involving the the air filtration system failure, you’ll first need to turn off the valves in the previous room so when you use the tool you picked up from the medical bay to repair the air filtration tank that’s baked up it won’t spray out and kill you.

During the segment where you have to get John Maracheck on the tram, you’ll need to power it up first. This requires going to the mortuary first, so head back to the mortuary by taking the elevator lift. Once you’re there, take the wet dirty towel from your inventory and place it in the furnace door. Next, take the electronic toe tag and use it to activate the furnace. You’ll need to quickly run out of the room to avoid being burned alive. When you re-enter the mortuary will be thawed out. Take the lodged crowbar out of the dead body.

Stasis Game

Head back to the tram and use the crowbar on the breaker box to the left to open it and take the plug unit. Proceed to open up the breaker box on the right and put the plug unit into the box. Use the computer to then charge the tram tracks. Afterward, take the plug unit out of the breaker box on the right and put it back into the breaker box on the left. Switch the tram line using the computer and then get on the tram.

To open the locked toolbox in the maintenance room, use the cable to pull the dead body in the genetic cess pit close to you. From there, get the key off the body and open the tool box to get the drill to knock over the electrical structure. Hook it up to the generator and use it to electrocute and kill all the mutated bodies in the cess pit.

For the segment where you need to get back up to the crew quarters, you need to blow a hole in the elevator shaft. You can use the pool cue that you picked up from the table in the dance club and put into the pipe grip holding lighter. It’ll cause an explosion and open up the elevator shaft so you can climb up to the crew quarters.

You can use the terminal to vent the atmosphere in tram station b — usually the door will open and the toxic atmosphere will kill you. But once you vent the atmosphere you should be able to enter into the room.

For the medical bay container puzzle, you can access it by getting the key from the room with the crashed tram. It’s the crate closest to the tram. The access key is in the image below.

In the med-bay facility you’ll find a cola machine that you’ll need to push into the middle of the floor to avoid being shot and killed by the automated turret guns.

For the computer that accesses the turret guns in the ventilator shaft, you can use the cola to short out the second turret.

To get into the stasis room in the medical bay use the computer at the receptionist desk to disable the forcefield. Use the stasis pod chip from the storage room to reactivate the computer on the stasis pod for the cryogenic body. The procedure for reviving the body and making sure the configuration is proper can be viewed in the image below.

During the surgery segment you’ll need to wrap the loose cables around the oxygen canister and then put it into the oxygen tank on the surgical machine. Activate the anesthetics. Put the body part on the surgical tray, cut it down and then use the refined organic material and put it on the organic receptical. Use the stasis fluid container from the stasis pod and put it on the cryo tank to finish activating the surgical machine.

When you get down to the bottom floor with the giant bug, after you get the vaporized queen pheromone, throw it into the fan in the room where the bugs are flying around. It will clear the bugs out.

The game isn’t terribly long but the few mind-bending puzzles and easy ways to die are probably the two things that will prolong the gameplay… that and the lengthy journal entries by the people on board the ship.

If you don’t already own a copy of Stasis the game is available right now from participating digital distributors. For more info feel free to head to the official website.

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