The Deer God Gameplay Walkthrough
The Deer God

The Deer God recently released for the Xbox One after being made available for the PC for quite some time. The game from Crescent Moon Studios is pretty short and weird, but it’s easy to get stuck in a few segments. As is the tradition with all games that prove to be difficult for some gamers to complete, there is a complete gameplay walkthrough guide available for The Deer God.

YouTuber Press A 2 Join has a couple of significant videos available for those who need help getting in and out of certain difficult spots throughout The Deer God. You can check out the gameplay walkthrough below.

One of the big obstacles in the game is dealing with the submariner’s crashed sub. It’s easy to get stuck there because there’s just a block there and it seems impossible to get passed that quest. However, Press A 2 Join found the solution rather easily and even posted how to get past that segment by explaining…

“Push the block to the left to let the fish come and eat all the plants, then use your razor hoof ability to jump down and smash the breakable rock in the middle”

So that’s how you get the submarine unstuck from down in the underwater segment early on in the game.

There’s a second story-related walkthrough available below that also offers some hints and tips on getting through the game as well.

If you already managed to beat the game but you really wanted to unlock all of the game’s achievements, there are also video guides available for those as well.

There’s an actual video guide to show you where each of the elder puzzles are that you can complete in order to unlock the “Powers That Be” achievement. Check it out below.

As the video depicts above, some of the puzzles are attached to your progress in the game’s world. So if the location looks familiar be sure to stop to check around for the puzzle to unlock the achievement. Oh yeah and at the end of the game be sure to choose not to turn back into a human.

The videos below also cover the Put ‘Em On Ice and Fox Fire achievements, along with the Reincarnationist, Tortoise Master and Goody Two Shoes achievements.




The Deer God was originally crowd-funded for PC but eventually made its way to the Xbox One. It’s free for the month of September if you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, otherwise the game will cost you $14.99.

The game is also available for PC if you’re interested. You can learn more about The Deer God by paying a visit to the game’s official website.

The Deer God


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