Total War: Warhammer Dwarf Units Explained In New Gameplay Video

Sega and Creative Assembly released a new gameplay video for Total War: Warhammer ahead of the EGX event at the end of September. The video features a detailed look at the Dwarfen army and the various units that players will be able to command in battle against the goblin horde.

The units on the Dwarf side includes melee units like Slayers who are axe infantry, marksman known as Thunderers who use armor-piercing rounds, an Organ Gun unit manning siege artillery, IronDrakes using underslung flamethrowers, Quarrellers wielding crossbows, Gyrocopter air support, standard Dwarfen axe warriors, melee champion Thane, and High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

How you manage your units will depend on how you win or lose a match. It is completely possible to succumb to friendly fire from artillery or long-range units if you don’t position your troops right proper.

You can check out the game in action with the 16-minute playthrough below, featuring an entire campaign mission where the Dwarf army takes on the goblin invaders.

The battle in the video doesn’t feel like 16 minutes at all, mainly because everything is being explained in thorough detail and you actually get to see how each unit has a very direct affect on the outcome of the battle.

For instance, we see that the IronDrakes play a huge role in the fight, not only completely wiping out an entire goblin unit with their long-range flamethrowers, but also completely demoralizing that goblin company due to their sheer dominance on the battlefield.

We see how the tides turned quickly, however, as the sneaky goblins went for a flank attack to get rid of the long range Dwarfen units.

Total War: Warhammer

Additionally strategic elements came into play when the large spider unit came tearing through the Dwarf forces, nearly taking out High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer. A lot of assistance was required from nearby units to finally dispatch the heavy spider unit.

We also saw how the axeman unit were small yet highly effective against the giant with his slow but devastating club. It took a little time but the lumbering giant eventually took a fall like a giant oak tree falling over from the razor sharp chains on a saw.

It’s also highlighted in the video that the units bear very similar traits to their Game Workshop pen and paper counterparts, so you can see the stats and understand how the units match up against each other using the toolbar on the left hand side of the screen.

The feedback on the game, so far, has been extremely positive and the look and feel of Total War: Warhammer seems authentic and strategically nuanced. You can keep track of the upcoming RTS by paying a visit to the official Total War website.


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