Warframe Video Guide Explains How To Mod The Spira And Ninkondi
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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2017)

Developers Digital Extremes brought us the space ninja game Warframe, which is pretty tough and requires a lot of skill. The devs recently released some new weapons that come in the form of a throwing dagger and a nunchaku, in which case the new thing seems to be how to get and mod the two weapons.

Warframe is a pretty fun game, but can be pretty frustrating if you don’t know how to mod certain weapons and Warframes. In addition, the devs recently added some new weapons, which are the new Spira throwing daggers and the nunchuck based Ninkondi. Getting them is pretty simple, you just go to the market and purchase their blueprints and go to your foundry and craft them with the necessary materials, or you can just purchase them with platinum; which isn’t something I would suggest you do.

Moreover, I usually don’t give much advice to others when playing Warframe, since it comes basically down to player preference, but seeing that these new weapons have some pretty obvious basic builds I do see a lot of basic template builds that could prove to be useful in a variety of situations.

Leveling the Spira and the Ninkondi shouldn’t be too hard. For starters, it’s best to go to planets like Ceres and do Draco (interception), or go to Saturn’s Mimas (survival) or you can do Mercury’s Apollodorus (survival) if you want to train your weapons at a low-level place. Doing Pluto’s spy mission Oceanum is pretty good, if you don’t mind dodging traps and having to sneak into data vaults. But, you can also do whatever mission that floats your boat, as long as it levels the weapons at an efficient pace.

In addition, modding the two weapons can be achieved through proc or crit damage. However, modding them the way you want won’t hurt either, experimenting in this game isn’t a bad thing and usually results in finding better builds. But, something that might help, long time Waframe player Mogamu made some videos explaining how you can mod both the Spira and the Ninkondi, as seen below.

And that’s a few ways you can mod the two new weapons. Something worth noting, building modded weapons should scale to your play-style and not how over-powered you can make them, but how efficient your weapons work for that specific scenario, mission, faction and most importantly for you.

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