Epsilon, Tactical Squad Shooter Enters Steam Early Access

Serellan’s first-person, tactical team-based shooter Epsilon has recently entered Early Access on Steam. The game is a futuristic shooter with a focus on cooperative play and strategic combat as opposed to the standard run-and-gun gameplay featured in Call of Duty or Battlefield.

The team warns gamers right at the start that the game is in pre-alpha and may be filled to the brim with bugs, hence the purpose of being in Early Access. As mentioned on the Steam store page

“Epsilon is currently in Pre-Alpha status, so you will see many bugs and work in progress features. We hope you will provide thorough constructive feedback so we can continually improve and add to this game, much like we have already been doing with our Community Testing Group”

The game has been development for the past year and the team has been slowly eking out new content and letting small pieces of media seep out into the social media spaces to prop up the game’s eventual release onto Steam.

You can get a taste of the teaser with the gameplay video below.

The game features fluid gameplay, Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints for top notch interactivity, and the latest in graphics tech. As mentioned on the Steam store page, they have about 30% of the game complete so far and they plan on using the Early Access phase to fund the rest of the development.

One of the things the team does upfront is acknowledge that they were responsible for Takedown and they own up to it. They’re hoping that working with the community during the Early Access phase of Epsilon will reap better results, especially considering that in the case of Takedown the publisher bailed on them, leaving them to deal with a broken game with no support.


Right now the game is available for $7.99 on Steam, and it features some of the core gameplay elements. The full version will contain a complete cooperative mode, multiple squads, online multiplayer, additional game modes, player abilities, more weapons, maps and additional commands for the AI teammates.

They don’t have a specific date for when the game is estimated to be complete, but they do state that Epsilon will likely be completed within a year or so. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website or you can pick up a digital copy of the Early Access version of the title from the Steam store page.


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