Halo 5: Guardians Complete Campaign Walkthrough

Halo 5: Guardians was supposed to be one of the biggest games of the year. The Xbox One exclusive is the start of a new trilogy of games within the Halo franchise. Campaign walkthroughs have already been made available from start to finish, offering some tactics and tips to make your way through the story with ease.

The stages hand-hold players through each and every segment, it’s completely unlike Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo 3 where it was pretty easy to get lost or lose your way due to the size of the maps. In this outing the campaign makes sure players never get lost,they always know where they need to go and always have a helping hand.

You can check out the complete playlist below from YouTuber Tetra Ninja.

The first handful of levels are really easy and straightforward. It’s all standard first-person shooter stuff. Follow the nav points, pick up the weapons, kill things. A lot of the stages are designed as three pronged forks, where-in there’s a center pathway and either a route to the left or right (or both) and the sides can be used to flank enemies.

When playing through the levels War Was In The Gates there’s an option to take a foot path or fly in the Promethean cruiser. The foot path will offer a few more ways to explore the environment but the flying path will be quicker.

Halo 5

In the mission A Whisper In The Storm when it’s time to fight the Kraken you have to land on it to take out the core. It stops in the middle of the level so just crash land on the top and make your way down to the core to destroy it. There’s a door with a plasma shield up leading to the core. You can use a Covenant weapon to blast through the door to take down the barrier and then fire a few plasma rounds into the core to blow it up. It’s surprisingly squishy.

The Fall of the Covenent is a standard run-and-gun mission. Simply blow up the turrets at the beginning and kill everything else in sight until you get to the end. When it’s time to fight the Warden it’s best to use the Fuel Rod Cannon to take him down as quickly as possible.

The mission Guardian starts with a pretty intense segment where you literally slide down off a Guardian at high speeds while killing everything along the way. The stage later opens up with a classic Halo sandbox design where you can move around kill things. The Exuberant Witness will provide you with a Scorpion tank to go around and kill everything in sight… so do that. You’ll have to fight the Warden at the end of the level… again. Kill the snipers first and then take out the enemies with the turret guns; get your hands on a turret gun and do massive damage to the Warden.

Halo 5 - Cortana

When you finally get back in command of Chief and Blue Team in the mission where Cortana beams them up to her Genesis command center, also known as the Galactic Love Nest, you’ll have to take out some opposition. Just use the sides of the level to flank the enemy and kill everything in the center within the gauntlet. It’s all standard fare from there up until you get to the Warden… again. This time you’ll have to fight four of them. You can separate them by running around the pillars and take them out one-by-one. Before facing some of them it’s easier to take them down by destroying the floating turrets to avoid getting shot in the back while fighting the Warden.

In the final mission when playing as Locke you’ll have to blast your way through more Covenant and Promethean forces. In the segment before heading into the concave where Hunters and Covenant forces are fighting against the Prometheans, there’s a sniper rifle on the ramp-way above the lower area. There’s also a segment where a Knight is down in the middle of a long stretch. You can use the sniper weapons to get the drop on him by using either the left or right side inclines, just like all the other segments throughout the game.

Halo 5: Guardians

When you have to take the grav cores offline, it’s an open area similar to the old classic Halo titles. You’ll have your hands full taking on all of the forces that spawn in the area. It’s best to stay inside the mech and just pick things off slowly until you can move into the center of the structure where the Crytum used to be. Once you get inside there are a few turret guns that can be commandeered to take out enemies.

While you wait for the Monitor Exuberant to open the door to gain access to the Cryptum, you’ll have to take on several waves of enemy forces. It’s a throwback to the “Guilty Spark” level from Halo: Combat Evolved where you had to defend against the Flood. The stage plays out a lot like a standard Firefight.

After that… that’s it.

If you don’t care about getting help with the gameplay but you just want to see all of Halo 5’s cinematics, including the ending that has gamers raging, feel free to check out the cutscene compilation below.


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