The Park Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Funcom’s horror-themed, first-person walking simulator The Park is available right now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game mixes exploration with thematic environmental horrors, all centered around a spin-off from Funcom’s MMO The Secret World.

The game is only an hour long and there’s nothing really there to inhibit your play session, it’s quite to the point and doesn’t meander much to require an actual walkthrough, but nevertheless for those who want it, it’s available.

YouTuber Constipated Owl takes an opportunity to play through the entire game from start to finish in just 59 minutes. You can check it out below.

Majority of the game is actually spent wandering through the park after Callum while taking a spin on various rides in the very creepy theme park. Interaction is fairly limited, with mostly players having to walk around and press levers to start or stop a ride. Near the end of the game there’s a section where going through a house requires a bit of exploration, but otherwise it’s fairly linear.

The game itself is about venturing through the creepy park, alone, looking for Callum, and yet the game also manages to make players feel as if they are experiencing the things in the park as if they were there to enjoy themselves.

The Park

In addition to the narration being carried out by the protagonist, Lorraine, there are notes scattered about the park that the player can read to gain further insight into the happenings of the game’s world, characters and the frightening theme park location.

The game has a very surreal tone to it and puts the horror elements more within the psychological realm of the characters as opposed to obvious jump-scares from monsters popping out or things blowing up or attacking Lorraine.

The game is pretty short and somewhat poignant. You may have to play through it a few times to gather all the clues and understand what’s going on. The Park is available right now for PC over on the Steam store for $9.99, along with the Xbox One and PS4.


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