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1413260cookie-checkFallout 4 Item Glitch Allows For Unlimited Settlement Size
20 November 2015
1.5 min read

Fallout 4 Item Glitch Allows For Unlimited Settlement Size

For those that want an even bigger settlement in Fallout 4, or for those that don’t know, a new glitch allows settlement builders the chance to infinitely build onto their settlement, making it even larger in size than the given restrictions. This also helps with keeping your build size down, too.

The trick to this glitch is pretty simple and straightforward and doesn’t require a notepad. And once again, Outside The Box brings this glitch to the table, showing folks how to initiate the exploit at its finest. Furthermore, this glitch helps you keep your build meter down, and will constantly keep it down the more you perform it. And the best part about this glitch, you don’t have to get rid of anything that you’ve previously built on your settlement.

Basically, the glitch will allow your settlement to become OP (overpowered) with any equipment you want/need. With that said, to start the glitch, you will need to choose a set amount of items with or without a limit. After that, throw down a bunch of items, and then click on the workshop of the settlement of your choice, and transfer all the items on the ground to the workshop.

Once you are done transferring them to the workshop, go ahead in the same screen and transfer them back into your very own inventory. Once you are done with transferring the items back into your inventory, exit out of your workshop. When you start building more structures on your settlement, you will now have a larger memory pool to work with until you hit the limit.

When you hit the limit, just rinse and repeat and drop your items, and transfer them until you can keep on building. To see this glitch in motion, you can watch the glitches himself, Outside The Box, perform this below.

Once you get the glitch down, I’m sure it will come in handy for those that keep hitting the size boundary. And for those of you who are looking to increase their settlement, I think this exploit is your answer. This is probably best for console gamers playing on the Xbox One and PS4 who want to extend their settlements beyond the given limitations in Fallout 4.