How To Get Adhesive Out Of Vegetable Starch In Fallout 4

Are you having a hard time finding adhesive in Fallout 4? Well, for those of you wanting to get and make adhesive in Fallout 4, you can do so through vegetable starch. This can be done by scrapping vegetable starch cans, which will give you five adhesive per one can you scrap.

Thanks to Jredwards on Reddit, folks have another way of getting more adhesive instead of scavenging when you are out of the material. First, you will need some recipes like three of each Mutfruit, Tato and Corn, which can be replanted and later harvested when they are ready. Folks will also need one purified water in the ingredient list to make up vegetable starch, which contains five adhesive when you scrap one can.

Once you have a nice settlement established, you can compose the materials you need to constantly replenish vegetable starch to make more adhesive. To get more purified water, you will need to make a water purifier in your settlement, which can churn out somewhere between 8 to 31 depending on the time you check back on it.

If you have a hard time growing or finding Tato, head to Abernathy Farm, GreyGarden or TenPines. You can also find a nice load of Corn and Mutfruit at GreyGarden, as well as both Mutfruit and Tato in Diamond City, which contains two fields of the ingredients.

For those that like to watch videos and a guided process through the procedure with a verbal tutorial, you can check out a video that Dat Saintsfan made. The video guide runs for five and a half minutes and teaches you a few tricks to get more vegetable starch, as well as adhesive.

Although this method isn’t anything special, it does prove to be useful if you don’t have that much adhesive in your inventory. So, if you need more adhesive and you don’t feel like scavenging for it, remember that vegetable starch will always give you five, even in the best of times and the worst.


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