Tree Of Savior Online Trailer Announces Open Beta

Tree of Savior is developed by IMCGAMES, and has gained a lot of hype as being what most people call the true spiritual successor to the original Ragnarok online, as it is a 2D MMORPG in a 3D world. Now, the developers have released a new trailer for Tree Of Savior at G-Star 2015 announcing the Open Beta.

The story behind Tree of Savior is about a group of adventurers called “Revelators” that go on a quest in search of their Goddesses that have gone missing, so that they can save the world from the evil that is taking over.

Tree Of Savior is also gaining a lot of hype for boasting that they will support at least 80 character classes, each being fully animated with high quality graphics. I have linked below the official Tree Of Savior G-star 2015 trailer so that you can see all the new content that the game has added.

A few of the new things in the trailer worth highlighting is the new environments that are shown, new dungeons, new bosses and new character classes, such as the Shinobi, Plague Doctor, Musketeer, Dragoon, and the Cannoneer.

For those of you wondering, there is a English version being worked on and the official forums have even announced and talked about the English version beta test. In fact, they had their second English Closed Beta test around October 26, 2015.

The last thing that should be noted is the very end of the trailer with the Korean text “오픈 베타”. The text is in Korean, but I have searched the web and found out that it translates to “Open Beta”, with the date that appears before there being December 2015. Steparu’s website has also confirmed saying that “Next month” will be the launch of the Tree Of Savior Open Beta.

So far there is no official news from the forums or the Tree Of Savior developers, but the trailer seems to suggest that this is all true and that Korea will be going into open Beta for December of 2015. Seeing how the developers have been holding English closed Beta’s as well, I estimate that we can also expect an English version announcement trailer sometime in early 2016. Fingers crossed. I will keep you updated if any official news arises with new details.


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