WWE 2K16: 2K Showcase Austin 3:16 Gameplay Walkthrough

This year’s outing of Yukes and 2K Games’ WWE 2K16 has a Showcase mode centered around the rise of Stone Cold Steve Steve Austin. The mode starts off with a look back at “Stunning” Steve Austin leading up to his debut in then WWF.

Players actually start playing Austin during the King of the Ring match between Austin and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. The Showcase mode has players having to perform specific tasks in order to complete the challenge. YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has the complete Showcase mode for Austin 3:16 up and available for viewing, which you can check out below.

In each match you’ll need to perform specific tasks like in previous Showcase modes. For example in the 1996 Survivor Series match, before Austin can do anything to Bret Hart to finish the match, players must first perform a Stun Gun on “The Hitman”. To do this Bret Hart must be stunned and moved to the ropes. While Hart is on the ropes lift him up and drop him across the ropes. From there, each new series of tasks will open up from there.

One thing that makes this iteration of WWE 2K different from the games in the past is that there’s now a limit on the amount of reversals that can be performed in a match, so players will have to use them wisely. I actually really like this as it adds a sense of urgency and importance to reversals, so players can’t just spam them throughout a match. You have to pick and choose when the most opportune time is to reverse an opponent’s move – as it also zaps stamina – so it becomes strategic just like in real life.

The entire 2K Showcase for Austin 3:16 will span a handful of hours, leading all the way up to Austin’s final match against The Rock at Wrestlemania. However, the tale doesn’t actually end there. Instead players will work backward with Steve’s matches in WCW and even ECW, where he takes on the hard-working jobber Mikey Whipwreck.

Depending on your skill and how well you carry out the tasks in each Showcase match, the mode will likely run you about four hours at the bottom end of the pole and maybe six hours at the top end.

WWE 2K16 is available right now for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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