Fallout 4 Guide On Recovering Nick Valentine And Getting Him As A Companion
Fallout 4 Nick Valentine

For those looking to get the noir Synth detective Nick Valentine in the beginning of Fallout 4 will be in luck. Not only does he take the load off of player’s shoulders with his Master hacking skills, he also can help you out in the wastelands of Boston.

Folks looking for Nick Valentine will need to go to the far south-east of Vault 111 to Diamond City. Once in the city you will hear talk around town of him missing, which will lead the player to his office. After entering his office to find him missing, you will need to talk to Ellie Perkins who will give you the quest Unlikely Valentine.

Once you receive the quest go outside and follow your Pip-Boy near Swan’s Pond to Park Street Station. After battling your way through the gang members or raiders, you should reach Vault 114. While traveling through the vault you will come across some raiders using sub machine guns, however, if you have some decent equipment you should be able to get by them simply.

After fighting your way through you should make it to a wide open Atrium. You will want to go left and go up a flight of stairs, which will take you to Dino. You will know that you are approaching Nick by hearing a conversation that he is having with Dino. After battling him you will need to use a control panel that will be behind you to open the door to the Overseer’s office.

From here you will want to talk to Nick, which after the conversation will lead you to follow him out of the vault. After fighting through some raiders you will be stopped by Skinny Malone and Darla, from here you will have the options to either turn them against each other with your charisma, fight them, or if you have Mama Murphy you will be able to use The Sight before entering the vault to gain an extra speech option to avoid fighting them and to walk away.

The last part to getting Valentine as a companion will involve you getting him to Diamond City by fighting your way through enemies with him, or you can fast travel back to the city and find him waiting for you there in his Detective Agency office. Speak to Ellie again to receive your rewards.

This will lead to you doing the quest Getting a clue, after completing that you will have Nick as a companion. Below, you can watch a guide by UnitedGamer101 and Video Game Source on how to get Nick Valentine.

After achieving a max relationship with Nick Valentine and completing the Long Time Coming quest, you will be given a perk called Close to Metal, which allows players to get one extra attempt when hacking and a 50% reduction on lockout time when failing a terminal.

Lastly, for those looking to recover him when sending him back to a location or if he just goes missing, according to a Reddit user I Choose P-Body, you might be able to find him in Piper’s office in Diamond City during a quest, which the Reunions quest is said to work to get him back.


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