GTA 5 Script Hook V Brings Compatibility For Version 573.1

Alexander Blade recently updated the Scrip Hook V library for native script plugins for GTA V. This utility enables gamers to drop .asi scripts into the GTA V folder and drastically alter the game, from new game modes, to altered physics and weather, to all new multiplayer features such as V Multiplayer.

The update occurred following Rockstar’s release of version 1.31 for the home consoles. The update on PC caused a lot of mods to break, resulting in lots of salty posts on the GTA5-Mods comment sections.

Blade released the updated version of Scrip Hook V at the start of the week, enabling it to support versions of GTA V dating as far back as 1.0.335.2 and all the way up until 1.0.573.1.

As mentioned on the main page of the website, the sccript loader does not work with GTA Online. It automatically closes itself out to prevent users from using the script loader to play online with cheats and mods. Rockstar has a very strict policy against modding GTA Online. In fact they made it known that making modifications to the online portion of the game could get you perma-banned.

Rockstar stated that single-player, offline mods for skins and whatnot shouldn’t affect your playing experience but anything script related could prove problematic for you.

The Script Hook V is imperative for a lot of the game-altering modifications made available for GTA V, including the recently released multiplayer mod called V-Multiplayer. It allows players to use the single-player game to then play online in multiplayer with other people. Previously, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive shutdown the other two GTA V multiplayer mods with cease and desist letters.

Anyway, if you want to mod GTA V you’ll need the Script Hook V. That’s how all the good modding is done these days in Rockstar Games’ latest open-world outing.

You can download the 573.1 compatible Script Hook V from over on the official website. The file is just under a meg, clocking in at only 732KB. If you need help getting things to work be sure to visit the official topic on the GTA forums.

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